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Title: Boys have gone
Post by: GTFC197 on February 17, 2014, 22:24
Finally said goodbye to our 3 boys today. Our large black pigs have gone to great sausage machine in the sky. It's a week later than it should have been cos the little angels would not get in the trailer last week. Butcher left the trailer with us for the week and those same little angels walked straight into the trailer the next day.
These are our last pigs because one of our neighbours reported us to RSPCA because there was a pool of water in the pig run. After all our rain what do they expect, what did they expect, Pigs sunbathing? They are the ones to lose out because the land at the rear of all our properties was being kept clear by our pigs. They kept it clear of brambles, twitch, weeds etc, now it can overgrow because they had no reason to reprot us, the RSPCA never even came back.
Oh well, that's life for you.
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: Snoop on February 18, 2014, 01:03
Crumbs, that must be a big loss for you. One of our chickens departed to the egg basket in the sky a couple of weeks ago or so, and I miss seeing her scratching about the place with the others. You must really notice the absence of your pigs.
Hope you're doing OK.
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: GTFC197 on February 18, 2014, 08:17
We miss them everytime we send our pigs off, but we know we are doing it for meat, so you adjust yourself to it.
We said last year that we wouldn't have anymore, but then we changed our minds and raised 2 more lots. This time we mean it, mainly because of what our neighbour did to us, there was no need for it, our pigs were fine.

Yes it was muddy, which wasn't a problem as they had dry warm bedding in a dry area. I asked the young lady (about 18-19yrs old) from the RSPCA if she had any experience with pigs, she wouldn't answer me, all she kept saying was that she would call out a vet at our expence to come and check them over and possibly remove them.

I explained in as simply as possible that pigs+soil+rain=sloppy mud, but she just wouldn't have it, and then they wonder why people stop sending donations to them.
We have reported our neighbour for mistreating her dog on more than 1 occassion, especially when it was a very young pup and was kept outside during the winter when we had those really cold nights a couple of years ago, not even a kennel to sleep in, just blankets under a bush.

The RSPCA came down took a quick look through the fence and said that it's ok because the dog had water to drink. We just couldn't believe it

Sorry, rant over.  As for the pigs it's been a great learning experience for us, on the plus side them meat tastes amazing, sausages and bacon are awesome. I would recommend it to anyone who has the time to do it. They all have their own personallity, some good and some bad. We've had Berkshires, Berkshire x Gloucester Old Spot and Large Blacks.

Berkshires were the easiest and Large Blacks the worst, meat wise the Berkshire x GOS was the best so far, but we don't get our meat back from butcher until Friday so it could change. Will let you know.

Have a good day.
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: Snoop on February 18, 2014, 10:34
Sounds like your neighbour is doing tit-for-tat in a meanspirited way rather than really having any grounds for complaint. What would the RSPCA have done if you'd refused to pay the vet's bill? Seems odd to me that you can be lumbered with an expense against your wishes.

Anyway, thanks for the info about pigs. My partner talks every now and then about getting a couple. We have room and there is a slaughterhouse about 20 km away. But what would we do with all that meat? We don't have a freezer and there are only two of us. It's not practical really, but he loves pigs as animals. In fact, he'd probably find it impossible to send them off to slaughter, so it's just as well we've never got any (yet...).
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: GTFC197 on February 18, 2014, 10:57
From our last 3 we got 107kg meat. Just over half of it went for sausages because our butcher makes the most amazing Lincolnshire pork sausages. We have someone who comes through from Derbyshire and takes back as much as we can spare, which she then sells for us.

Again, this time a full pig is going to be sausages, other 2 will be dry cured back bacon, chops, steaks and joints.
If you get the chance, give it a go, you'll love it, and the taste is so different to supermaket meat. Ours were allowed to freerange, rooting for what they could find, aswell as approx 10lb apples on a daily basis. This was topped up with sow & weaner nuts.

We have never used finisher food because we such good results from staying with sow & weaner nuts all the way through.

Picture of the boys on day of arrival.
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: GTFC197 on February 18, 2014, 11:16
Out of all the things setting up for pigs, this was our best idea. It's an old 2500ltr orange juice holding tank we picked up for nothing. Laid it down cut out a piece along the length so it wouldn't roll and put 2 euro pallets in it for a floor.

Loads of straw on bottom, totally waterproof, never rot, pig house.
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: GTFC197 on February 18, 2014, 11:24
Sorry put wrong photos on.
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: GTFC197 on February 18, 2014, 11:35
It's about 6ft long, and approx 3ft dia.
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: mumofstig on February 18, 2014, 12:19
I'd be formally asking the RSPCA what about the conditions they objected to  :mad:

Don't see why you should stop if you don't want to.................
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: GTFC197 on February 18, 2014, 17:02
To be honest it's not worth the trouble asking them, especially from a young just out of training school girl that came.
If it had been someone older I don't think we would have had the problems.

Wife was heartbroken espsecially with it being the nieghbour who had loads of our sausages, but unfortunately this time I think there will be a "Shortage" of sausages.

I will get my own back, when they least expect it.
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: Trillium on February 18, 2014, 18:57
I hope you mean 'shortage' as 'none!'  That was extremely unfair of your neighbour doing that, especially as she probably has no idea how pigs are raised or what they prefer.
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: Snoop on February 19, 2014, 09:06
I will get my own back, when they least expect it.

Before you do, think twice and make sure it's really worth it. These things can sometimes backfire. I live in the middle of nowhere and not having to deal with neighbour feuds or noise is the very best thing about it. Next comes us being able to make as much noise as we like and not bothering anyone or having to worry about the dogs barking and someone complaining.
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: finleyfreyaseth on February 19, 2014, 11:53
id be straight out and another couple straight in ,id never let these people get away with it if your doing your animals well and theres nothing they can do id just ignore em,to prove your doin your animals well and proper the RSPCA gave you your answer by not returning,get out there im sure theres a couple of little porkers waitin for you wish we could have some
Title: Re: Boys have gone
Post by: spottymint on March 30, 2014, 10:46
Their inspectors sit in classrooms and read books, half have probably never kept more than a cat or dog.

A woman I worked with, wanted to apply, she's kept a cat, that she gave away.

All the animal forums are full of stories like yours and worse. Remember the RSPCA are a CHARITY with a big bank balance, they have no powers. That's why you see them calling the police in their programmes.

They just have the money behind them to prosecute (private prosecution) , using the animal laws set by government.

If you have done nothing wrong, they won't get far.