Recipe Competition #4 - June & July - Seasonal Recipes Grown in Britain

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 :D I've yet to see any of it myself  ::) :D

Rob 8)



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I'm about to make this soup and the carrot, onion and coriander are straight out of my garden.

Carrot and Coriander soup

4 large carrots
1 onion
Half tsp dry coriander
Big bunch fresh coriander
1-2 pintsVeg stock, I use Marigold bouillon.

Soften the chopped onion in some oil.  Add dried coriander and chopped carrots stir and fry for a minute.  Add stock and cook until veg is tender.  Then put in a blender until smooth.  Reheat and add chopped, fresh coriander just before eating.  Easy peasy and luvverly.
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Ice what do you mean by "dry" coriander?



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I assume it's the stuff in jars - isn't it?  :D
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Well I was guessing it was the dried ground seeds (mine doesn't come in jars it comes in industrial sized packets, keep telling the OH we don't really need that much but does he listen?) but I'd rather know than guess when it comes to recipes  ::)



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Yes it's the dried ground seeds.  It enhances the background flavour.

Have to say, the soup was fantastic.  Souper, in fact. :lol:



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This dish is simple to prepare, tastes delicious and presents as a good, hearty dish when courgettes are in season.



4 medium courgettes
extra virgin olive oil
1 medium brown onion, finely chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed or finely chopped
150mls ( cup) cream
150mls ( cup) milk
300g (11oz) penne pasta, cooked
cup grated parmesan cheese, or similar
cup grated emmental cheese, or similar
freshly chopped basil, oregano or plain-leaf parsley to taste
few drops of Maggi seasoning -
salt and pepper to taste


Cut the courgettes in half lengthwise, then cut diagonally into 5cm (1 inch) slices.

Saut the onions in the olive oil until transparent.  Add the garlic, courgettes, salt and pepper and continue cooking with lid on until the courgettes are firm but cooked through.  Remove the lid and add the Maggi seasoning, cream and milk and simmer, uncovered, for a few minutes.  Taste the sauce and adjust the seasoning if needed.

Finally, add the cooked pasta, cheese and basil, oregano or parsley.  Stir until well combined.  Serve immediately.  This dish can be served as an appertiser or as a main course.  Any left over can be refrigerated and simply reheated.

Note: Maggi seasoning is available from delis, Asian shops and even some supermarkets.

Skip, in Oz



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OK here's mine

Rocket & Courgette soup

2 medium or 3 small courgettes sliced or diced finely
bunch of spring onions, topped & tailed and sliced finely
2 large handfuls of rocket (sorry can't be more precise!)
1/2  pint veg stock (cube, fresh or water from boiled veg)
1 oz butter
1/2 pint semi skimmed milk, or small carton single cream
loads of black pepper
salt to taste

Melt butter in saucepan
Fry courgettes & onions gently until softened
Add the rocket & veg stock
Cover pan with lid and simmer for 5 minutes
Remove from heat, liquidise until smooth, add milk or cream and salt & pepper to taste



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Ayam Kebun
Feeds as many people as you throw ingredients in for :|


Home grown :D

  • Fresh chillis : Pretty In Purple
  • Radish : Cherry Belle
  • Spinach Beet : Perpetual Spinach
  • Garlic : Thermidrome
  • Onion : Red Baron
  • Potato : Pentland Javelin
  • Broad Beans : Aqualduce
  • Courgette : Verde Di Milano
  • Broccoli : Quick Heading Calabrese

Bought stuff :(
  • Chicken : we used chicken breasts because that's what we had
  • Root ginger
  • Tinned chopped tomatoes
  • Spices :
    • Coriander : Need to spark some more off!
    • Cummin
    • Garam Masala
    • Tumeric
    • Mustard seeds
    • Salt
    • Black Pepper

Feel free to adapt this workflow to suit your own needs, but this is what I did :
  • Chop one of the innocent looking minute chillis in half and, wisely, decide to scrape out the seeds.
  • Cut a slither off one half of the chilli and eat it.
  • Wait a few seconds and then run round the kitchen with your eyeballs sweating and your hand wafting your mouth whilst reciting "fuff me thass fuffin' hot"
  • Gain a whole new respect for a chilli that's smaller than a 5 pence piece and decide to only use four of the bigger ones in the curry :D
  • Top and tail the radish, saving the leaves, and then cut into rough quarters, or what ever size rocks your boat
  • Peel and roughly chop the onion and garlic and ginger, how rough is your own decision
  • If you're using the head of broccoli/calabrese then you'll probably want to break it down to spears
  • Roughly chop the radish and spinnach leaves
  • Chop the potatoes and courgettes up into chunks, how big is down to the size of your mouth.
  • Shell the broad beans
  • Take the lid off the tin of tomatoes
  • Chop the chicken into chunks

On with the cooking!
  • Heat a small pan on the cooker until the base is pretty hot, remove from heat and throw all of the spices in so that they get mildly roasted, which will takevery little time, and then crush them down with a pestle and mortar ... or use some fancy electronic toy if you're that way inclined
  • Throw the chicken, onions, garlic, ginger, salt, pepper, chillis and spices into a bowl and mix them all around until the chicken is well coated.
  • Put some water into the pan that you used for the spices, add the spuds and then slap it back on the cooker and boil away until the spuds are just starting to soften ... ie/ really firm when you push a fork in but without needing the biceps of a female russian weightlifter
  • Drain the spuds and save the water
  • Get a pan that's big enough for all the stuff you're about to cook and slap it on a high heat with a generous dollop of olive oil or ghee ... if you remember that you've got ghee before you throw the olive oil in :roll:
  • Once the oils nice and hot, without burning the house down, throw in the chicken mixture and get a nice bit of colour on it, then take it out and put it on a plate for a tad.
  • Reduce the heat to something a tad more bearable, add some more olive oil and then cook the courgettes and the spuds until they have some colour as well.
  • Whack the heat back up high and throw the chicken back in and give everything a good stir until it's mixed together
  • When you can hear everything start to sizzle, throw the radish, broad beans, radish leaves, spinach leaves and broccoli on top and then pour over the tin of tomatoes and turn the heat down to a low simmer
  • Don't stir the pan until you're just about to serve, it'll really keep the colour in all the veg ;)
  • Whilst that's cooking away nicely, throw some rice in the pan that had the spices, and then the spuds, in it and cover with twice the depth of water as rice, that'd be the spud water that you saved before.
  • About 15 minutes before you decide the chicken will be ready, put the rice on the heat and bring it to the boil. Give it a quick stir and then put a good fitting lid on it and turn the heat off.
  • Wait ten minutes and then turn the rice out onto plates, one per person is a nice touch
  • Turn the heat off the curry and give it a good stir and then slap it on the plates with the rice, I'm really naff at the artistic plate stuff.
  • At this point I put a dollop of last years cucumber and apple chutney on each plate as well.
  • Eat



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First  grow your own strawberries in ground, tower or tub.
Pick when ripe in season, wash and remove hulls. Purchase cream or ice cream of choice. Serve cold.

Works equally well if you have grown fresh raspberrie.

Neither recipe is hard to prepare and can be done quickly before guests arrive.
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Courgette Muffins (they are delicious, cant stop eating them and its weighin day on HLC tom!) (actually am eating one now!)

140g whole wheat/meal flour
140g plain flour
2 teaspoons bicarb of soda
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 egg (freshly laid!!)
120ml sunflower or veg oil
175g or less if u like sugar
1009 dried skimmed milk
550g of all those unwanted courgettes!! - grated
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
1 tablespoon lemon juice
110g raisins
80g walnuts

mix together flours, bicarb of soda, baking powder and cinnamon, set aside

in another bowl beat togther egg, oil and sugar, then add dried milk,grated courgettes, vanilla and lemon juice and beat well.

add flour mixture and mix til smooth.

stir in raisins and walnuts.

spoon into muffin cases, 2/3rds full, and bake in preheated oven (180f or 350c) for 15-20 mins.

I guarantee kids will love them and that you wont stop at eating just one!!

Absolutely amazing and delicious   (makes 24 muffins)
made 24 this lunchtime and have 6 left!! :nowink:)



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Simple Courgette Soup

can freeze well and yummy with oaty/seedy bread!!

450g courgettes thickly sliced (just picked!)
700ml chicken stock
1 medium onion sliced (freshly dug)
1/4 teaspoon oregano
1/4 teaspoon rosemary (i use fresh outof the garden)
salt and pepper to taste!

place all ingredients into a large saucepan and bring to boil

reduce heat and cover and simmer for 15-20 mins

blend in blender/processor til smooth, reheat when readyto serve, or chill and serve cold.

also had this tonight and smells and tastes devine.

courgettes at their best!!



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NOt sure this will qualify, it has tuna in it!

Tuna Salad

tin tuna (drained )
chopped and boiled new potatoes
small tomatoes,
chopped cucumber
chopped onion

Mix together, add olive oil to taste
and chill


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This competition is now closed. It has been a tough one to judge with so many wonderful recipes. However, after careful consideration, the winners are:

Mumofstig for her Greek Style Courgette and Cheese Pie,
Yabba for Ayam Kebun
Chickchick for her Courgette Muffins.

We also be awarding a "mystery" prize to Mrs Poultrygeist (Julie) for her wonderful recipes.

Thanks everybody for entering. We're going to take a break in competions now until September.

Could the winners please pm me with their real names and address.
Recipes Galore!



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Wow, I won summat! :D

My real name and address is in the public domain ;) ( @whois : yabs )

Only because my identity isn't worth stealing and I'm to ugly to stalk :'(

*unrolls speech*
I'd like to say thank you to my loyal followers and ....
<!-- start sleep -->

<!-- /end sleep -->
... finally, congratulations to the winner ... next time that position is mine :D

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