The frustration !

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The frustration !
« on: April 22, 2020, 12:27 »
Most of you will know that my rotten greenhouse has survived two winters of being held together with brown parcel tape.     Now I am trying to think of how to get it down and the side-by-side two areas redone, bearing in mind there is a 5.6 inch high wall between them.    Every idea I have is thwarted !    Ready made structures are either 2 inches too long, or 2 inches too high.  Reviews say they are rubbish anyway.   If I go that way somebody is going to have to pull out a "thing" made of bricks and slabs about 2 feet by 3 feet.  If that comes out, I have no paviers left to match existing up to it.   The tap is in the way, the wall is in the way. the concrete  floor of the greenhouse is lower than the paviers outside, so it floods sometimes.   Then I thought, no greenhouse at all,  I shall just leave the walls in place and have a lovely little sunny sitting area.   But then where will the geranium girls go in the winter.     
Oh, my head hurts, my brain is dead.    I have had a quote to re-build as is and it was nearly 3,000  :ohmy:
It is just so frustrating.     Mrs Bouquet
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