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Chatting on the Plot / Re: Malapropisms.
« Last post by wighty on Yesterday at 18:22 »
I know it's not a  malapropism, but the clue in in my crossword this afternoon was 'a roundabout that plays music.'  I sat there for at least ten minutes thinking  of roundabouts on our road networks that play music. Couldn't come up with one, and then realised the answer was carousel!  Stupid woman.
Grow Your Own / Re: Barrels
« Last post by pepsi100 on Yesterday at 16:10 »
General Gardening / Re: New Horizon compost.
« Last post by jezza on Yesterday at 15:48 »
Hello it looks like planted wood because it is a local kitchen manufacture near to where I live doesnt believe in selling their end of line products cheap so they shred them ,the company use to burn the waste but because of all the chemicals used to preserve the timber they were stopped so now its composted with council garden waste ,straw ,sewage sludge and mixed together,first time I saw it being made a delivery man turned up and asked if I knew where ..... Health and Beauty were ,imagine that as a face pack,wonder if one of nature's other peat compost will get banned,,leaf mold,my grandad use to mix leaf mold with sieved sterilized top soil for all his seed sowing ,bet fienfs of the earth now ban leaf mold   jezza
Equipment Shed / Re: Just what this shed needs ...
« Last post by Yorkie on Yesterday at 15:45 »
If all else fails, we'll summon the TARDIS  8)
Equipment Shed / Re: Just what this shed needs ...
« Last post by Yorkie on Yesterday at 15:45 »
 :D :lol: :lol:
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What’s for tea 2023
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 14:59 »
Lardman: it's pork chops today and given the weather mash, mixed veggies and spoonstanding will also be required.

Same! The chop is defrosting atm  ;)
Chatting on the Plot / Beautiful People
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Yesterday at 14:20 »
I am really fed-up with adverts for perfumes etc.    Scantily dressed women  (and men) who all look ridiculous
Do they not realise that some of us wear scent everyday, even when at home.   
The only one that works for me is Johnny.  He is gorgeous and "Savage" smells gorgeous as well.   Mrs Bouquet
It is very dark and pouring with rain, so tv on and settle down for lots of viewing.
Equipment Shed / Re: Just what this shed needs ...
« Last post by Aunt Sally on Yesterday at 14:00 »
[Aunty whispers]  “Worzel. Get yer cake sniffing head on”
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