Automatic Watering systems

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Automatic Watering systems
« on: August 03, 2010, 10:25 »
Hi all.

I've got a nice quick question (may not end up being quick!), but I've not got my very nice long garden and a good section of veg growing area, with greenhouse. And basicly I'm looking for a way to do an automatic watering system for the veg patch and Greenhouse.

Veg Area: normal a sprinkler I would need 2 / 3 of them to water the complete  area (side to side spray)

Greenhouse is a 6 x 8.

Patio plant outdoor tom's, pepers etc.

My thinking was a drip system around the whole lot, but is there a way to fit 4 sprinklers (all at equal presure 3 in one line / pipe) and drip feed in the green house as well?

Any help or advice would be great, as it would save me time plus help when away for 2 weeks (since I'm no longer in the North West were it rains all the time!!!)
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