Hot Compost Bin

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Re: Hot Compost Bin
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2022, 08:33 »
It does take a lot to fill a hot bin and I agree you donít get masses out.  It is like having a worm bin (which I have had in the past).  The compost is very rich and more like worm cast compost than the stuff out of a normal heap, so I use it differently.  The last lot emptied out a week or so ago was used to top dress cordon apple trees at home.  I would usually buy in bagged rotted manure to do this job, so it felt like a little win to produce my own mulch  :)

I like mine because it sits out of the way on a bit of concrete at home, doesnít take much space and takes waste you wouldnít want to put in a normal compost bin. 



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Re: Hot Compost Bin
« Reply #16 on: September 24, 2022, 11:17 »
I have mine on a patch of ground where nothing has ever grown, not even weeds, its at the top of my garden
if any liquid was to run out of it, it might fertilise that patch of ground
I was really surprised how much it had rotted down considering all the paper and cardboard that I have put in there
I think the way I found the cardboard was wet or damp was from the green stuff in there, but there has been more paper and cardboard in there than green stuff
I have found stalks of any take a lot long to rot down
But it has dried out and I have sieved it now, I think I'll spread it over my blueberry plants, it might give them a bit of a feed during the autumn
Well, its not going to get much more grass cuttings this year, might thrown in the plants from the hanging baskets, soil and all, then it will be shredded cardboard and paper and waste food
(That really stunk and was awful when it was put in the council collection box, it goes in the Hot Bin and just rots, no smell or anything, it does get a good mixing with the rest of the stuff in there
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