POL Warrens or hybrids to buy in WYork area ? And advice about introducing pls?

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Hi everyone

We already have 3 warrens who  have been fab for laying but they're now 3 years old and the eggs are getting less and less. We're moving them onto our lottie in the next couple of days and we're looking to get some more at the same time to avoid any fighting.

Will it matter if we wait a few days and then introduce some new chooks, or are we as well to do them all at once so there's no pecking order would you think please?

We're hoping to get some warrens but have heard of new white hybrids which I think Grannie Annie mentioned, which sound a bit fab.

All suggestions and advice on where to get them very welcomed!

Many thanks everyone

Best wishes



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Have you had a look at our poultry suppliers section? you might find someone local :)


Thanks for that, I'm now wondering if Grannie Annie might be the one to visit as my Mum in Law lives in Grimsby, and we have to visit soon....I notice that Amberlinks are her speciality!  :D



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Definitely not my speciality Georgina!  People either love or hate the amberlinks.  When they are about 6-9 weeks old, they feather peck terribly to the point that I can lost several a week even with spraying them etc.  they also have a thing about crushing each other to death if the get frightened in the night.

but once they are past that 9 or so weeks stage, they are a lot better usually!

Joyfull says its because the Amberlinks are more intelligent than your normal hybrid, and I think she could be right!  They need more to stop them getting bored I think!

I've got a customer who loves them dearly and if I had enough, he would have had all amberlinks, then I've got a customer who hates them but loves the Brown Babcocks.  Then there's another customer who said he doesn't want any Goldlines as they don't lay for very long!

My 3 Goldlines are nearly 3 years old now and are still laying nearly every day, so I don't know where he got that idea from.

My layers are nearly 3, also got some 2 years old and the 6 rescued ones were POL last September and from 15 girls I'm getting 10-13 eggs a day, so that's not bad.

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