Woohoo egg number 2

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Woohoo egg number 2
« on: May 07, 2010, 19:42 »
 :D I can't believe it nothing at 1.30pm but I came in from work and thought I would look for a laugh  and dada another egg - I don't believe it lol .I thought my daughters had put yesterdays egg back to trick me ;) As Bhuna laid yesterday I didn't expect another today hehe!! That Sunday breakfast for 2 is looking good :D :D. I have started an egg calender already to keep track of who is laying and when  :wacko:

My grandaughter is staying over today and got the hump as 'her' chicken Tikka is not laying any eggs lol- Its comb is still little and pink .

On a more serious note Balti  has a wonky toe on her right foot - the one on the left. I had this problem with one of my parrots and taped it back into place with vet tape- would this be safe to do with chickens. She is eating walking fine and her general demeanour is good.
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