Greenhouse help please

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Greenhouse help please
« on: July 29, 2011, 14:14 »
Hi all

Looking to get opinions on a greenhouse that I'm considering. Never had a greenhouse before so not sure what to look for. I can fit an 8x6 and have very young children so would be worried they broke glass and hurt themselves.

Seen this one:

It comes as a bundle but I'm not sure what is and isn't needed in the greenhouse. I would like to start of with tomatoes and to bring seeds on but then would like to try cucumbers, courgettes, peppers, chilli's etc.

thanks in advance.
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Re: Greenhouse help please
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2011, 14:56 »
I'm only in my first year as a greenhouse owner so I don't have a lot of actual experience but I did do a lot of research (mine is standard glass and not Gardman by the way!)

A couple of thoughts: polycarbonate does seem the way to go for you because standard glass can be deadly, and toughened is more expensive but is still breakable (although it should break into "safer" small fragments rather than shards.)

Have you seen these reviews?
Seems the reviewers either loved it or hated it; could be some were better installed than others.  :unsure:

Of the accessories I would say that some staging is essential , and I personally would not want to be without an auto vent-opener, but whether you want the specified staging and all the other items in the bundle (the price stays the same even if you deselect all of them!) is another matter (I made my own staging for about 10.)

My link shows other vendors offering the same basic item at a considerably lower price without the "bundled" items, although I'm not saying yours is a bad price overall.
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Re: Greenhouse help please
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2011, 15:17 »
We had a Garman greenhouse, and every time it was windy, panels would pop out and be blown all over the site. So we took to putting lots of clips on the panels to stop them poping out, and that worked, but after a very stormly night we found our greenhouse had broken its connections to the concrete base and rolled and rolled over the next two plots.  Sadly it became an ex greenhouse but as it was the middle of winter there was no damage to the the other plots. So being a fence sitter my advice comes in two parts. If you can put it where its not in the path of direct winds it will be fine and you will have great fun, but if you plot is windy you may have problems like mine



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Re: Greenhouse help please
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2011, 20:38 »
thank you for the review link JayG  :)

Kieronl - I think I'll do some more research work, thankfully my greenhouse will be sheltered from strong winds as it will be in my garden  :)

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