Yeast nutrient

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Yeast nutrient
« on: July 30, 2008, 12:56 »
Hi i bought some yeast nutrient on the dreaded ebay and because they had run out of the one i ordered (youngs) they sent me a different one tronozymol but it says yeast nutrient and energiser salts is this the same thing as i did not see the energiser salts bit on the youngs packet?

Also i bought a packet of wine yeast for my ribena wine but the pack says enough for 5 gallons (its a 5g pack) i only want to do one demi john of ribena wine to start with so do i use it all or do i measure out 1g? As the recipe on here just says one packet of wine making yeast? Or have i bought the wrong thing?

Sorry for all the stupid questions i just dont want to get it wrong!

Many thanks Nicky



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Yeast nutrient
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2008, 14:16 »
Hi, energiser works in tandem with nutrient. A member on a forum I use described the nutrient as food, and energiser as vitamin tablets. You have got lucky if you got tronozymol instead of plain nutrient :) As for wine yeast, the general rule is a sachet that does 5 gallons *can* be split in half and be used for 2 seperate gallons but it's not really neccessary. It's all to do with having enough of a culture to start with as the first vigourous ferment is the yeast multiplying rather than producing alcohol. As long as you get enough in at the start it will multiply untill the dissolved oxygen is used before it sets into the slower alcoholic ferment.

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