All year veg

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All year veg
« on: February 09, 2020, 10:42 »
Hi I知 Jo new to this wonderful site I now have three allotment s with my sister in the next year I hope to grow enough veg to freeze to keep me going until the next season I知 buying a large chest freezer does anyone think I知 expecting to much ?
Would love your thoughts
Thank you


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Re: All year veg
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2020, 12:28 »
Hi Jo and welcome  :)

I don't know if growing enough veg year round is too much to hope for.  You have plenty of growing space, so it is certainly worth trying for.  Even if you managed say 50%, I would see that as a pretty good go  :)

I freeze quite a bit of produce as prepared ingredients and that saves a lot of space e.g. tomato sauce and curry base (great for surplus courgettes).  With supplies in the freezer, plus what you can store elsewhere like sacks of potatoes, you should have a fair range of stuff to eat.  Add in winter crops from the plot and you may just do it  ;)



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Re: All year veg
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2020, 16:07 »
I know from past experience that all year round veg has been achieved and not by using a freezer but that's another story I can tell you more about should you wish

anyway your topic was more on growing for summer use and spare veg in the  freezer I  assume for winter use well again I speak from our garden experiences should we have any surplus veg or fruit then I goes in the freezer at the high of growing seasons we have managed to fill five freezers but nowadays we with only the two of us we try to limit veg and fruit for freezing

but given a decent season you should end up with enough spare veg for you all for the  freezer sow good luck with your allotments



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Re: All year veg
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2020, 18:02 »
No reason why you cannot grow enough for at least 90%.
Last year was my first full year. I have Cauliflower, Broccoli, French Beans and Butternut Squash in the freezer. |Potatoes in thick cardboard boxes from August that will last till middle of March. Used the last of the Sprouts today, would have had more but only 2 of 6 plants produced useable ones. Have enough Garlic in the shed to last till next crop. Carrots and Parsnips are a sore subject. A hole in the fence let Rabbits onto my plot (my fault), they ate two thirds of my crop! Prior to that happening I reckoned I would have had enough to last.
I did not get my winter cabbage in early enough so used the last of them in January.
Must plant more shallots this year.
This from one plot 14 X 15 Meters so with 3 plots and a freezer I would say it is doable.
I sow carrots in rectangular plastic boxes in the greenhouse in January. These can come out of the greenhouse when green house veg needs to go in. This year I have cabbage germanating on the window sill at home I intend to put these in pots in the greenhouse to try to get some early. Don't know if it will work.
We cannot sow peas direct as rodents eat the seed. I was also warned that pigeons will eat the plants when they are of a normal size to plant out. To combat this I built frames covered in chicken wire with removable netting on top. Then as an advancement on that I covered 2 of them in polythene with removeable glass on top (had it spare from putting in new windows at home)  This way I can grow early varieties of peas even earlier. Would like to be able to freeze some peas but half of what I grow gets eaten before I can get them into a saucepan let alone into the freezer.
Anyway good luck.

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