Soon to be chicken keeper... window shopping and internet buying!

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Well as a soon to-be-chicken keeper I've been looking at all the houses and the like.  Decided that wood would be to tricky to clean so although expensive, decided to go for plastic.

A doodlehouse came up on ebay, and I thought I wouldn't win it so put a bid on... Yup you guessed it!  Now i'm a proud owner of a doodlehouse in white! Shame it's not a dark colour but hey ho.  Here it is-

I also went to look at chickens at the weekend at the local breeder.  She just does pure breeds and the Suffolk (I think... might have been something else! Maybe sussex??) caught my eye.  The Orpingtons were also nice but a bit "fluffy" for my taste!  Also liked a couple of the others so thought I would get three different breeds (want three chooks in total).

The idea now is they will have the house and a permenant run which will only be 2mx2m.  But in the evenings they will be allowed to roam and during the weekend as well.  The garden is full of trees and has some very big oaks in it so I want to be able to keep half an eye on them!

So there you go, update on the chicken buying!

I'd like any views on the doodlehouse and chicken breeds please  :D



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Cool I want a doodle house I have an eglu cube but am not happy. How much did you lay for the doodle house on e bay?
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I paid 200 inc. delivery for a brand new one which I thought was not to bad... It is straight from the retailer seems she puts a few on ebay a week (probably to get more attention) and I got mine that way :)



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Nicky - here is a recent chat about doodlehouses:-

Lots of us are changing over to plastic houses - the doodle houses are too small for me and being white wouldn't suit my house but for 3 chickens in a backyard setting they are lovely - well done on getting one and good luck with choosing your hens  :D
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