Treats for hens.

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Treats for hens.
« on: May 19, 2013, 14:39 »
Please note that legally any food that has been on your kitchen worktops, floor or cooked in your kitchen cannot be given to any livestock, this includes your pet hens.

Legal treats - please remember though that these are just treats and that the main bulk of your chickens food should be their layers mash or pellets.

Mixed corn.
Sweet corn either fresh or tinned (so long as it is in water without sugar or salt and the tin opened in your garden and not your house.
Pumpkin - again chopped up in your garden.
Melon - again chopped up in your garden.
Apples - either fallen ones off your trees or again chopped up in your garden.
Pears - either fallen ones off your trees or again chopped up in your garden.
Cherries - either off your trees or bought from a shop so long as they haven't entered your kitchen.
Bananas - peeled and chopped in your garden.
Grapes - fresh from the shop.
Meal worms.
Cabbage - raw.
Cauliflower- raw.
Broccoli -raw.

If you have any other legal treats that you think are suitable please let us know so a member of the moderating or admin team can add them to this list.
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Staffies are softer than you think.

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