whats in your freezer you need to turn into something jams sauces etc

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What do you have left to turn into jam sauces or some thing else to make room for this years, hopefully great harvest!.
I luckily only have some apples and a few runners to use up, i made apple sauce a few weeks ago, and some plum jam.
Hope i get plenty of fruit this year as last year was my first time making jams and sauces and i really enjoyed it.



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Funny you should ask this, Lils, as only an hour ago, we decided to ditch all the leftovers from casseroles, stews etc., and also some old soup which has been hanging around for ages and taking up space, which we can then feed to the dog for several days - even a week or two, by taking it our bit by bit, defrosting it overnight and giving her a couple of meals a day!

There'll always be a few 'filler' biscuits ro make it all interesting for her, and because I cook her food, it'll change her diet more than somewhat!

We were warned that after she was spayed, she might put on a bit of weight, but so far, a diet like this seems to be working well, and she's lost a bit of weight, (I haven't!), has boundless energy and it saves us at least 50% on the bought stuff so acclaimed by vets and other 'specialists'!

As for all the rasps and black currants, they go in the home-made hooch with the elderberries, and I vary the recipe to whatever is jamming up the third drawer down on the bigger freezer..;0)



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Iíve got cherries,black currants, raspberries, blackberries & possibly redcurrants oh & some gooseberries. Thereís also half a dozen Seville oranges hat might be a bit past there best. None of it will get used this week as Iíve got 2 of the grandchildrenís birthday bits to get on & sew. :)
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I used up most of the freezer fruit to make room for 'Holiday' food, so apart from a small bag of raspberries (for the occasional cheesecake) it has now all gone..


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