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Equipment Shed / Cleaning up plant labels
« Last post by Beepee on Yesterday at 17:13 »
I know we are all suppose to avoid plastic these days but...
I have a lot of plastic plant labels, had some of them for a few years now but I used to struggle a bit to clean them. Always used pencil to write on them, stays for the season so no problem until it came to the cleaning. We've just had a burst of rain so scurried to the shed with the wife's latest kitchen cleaning paste. Supposed to clean almost anything. Well it certainly works billiantly for the plant labels. A damp cloth and a little of the (Bio-mex) paste and the job is done. It's pretty good on the stainless steel kitchen sink as well.  :)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea 2021?
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 17:03 »
Diced beef, tomatoes ftf, kidney beans and HG Cajun Belle peppers (a little hotter than I thought they would be  ::)) are all bubbling away in the slow cooker  :D
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Freezing cold in the aisles...
« Last post by Growster... on Yesterday at 16:54 »
IT'S FREEZING down the meaty bits!
Seriously? Talk about low hanging fruit or not as the case may be  :lol:

They're designed to create thermal barriers as walls and are probably more efficient than the displacement caused by the air movement of opening and closing a door all the time and customers leaving things open.  Added bonus is you don't have to physically touch somethings 100's of others have to get your at food.

Ha ha ha, and your second para perfectly logical too, Lards!

Thank you!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea 2021?
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Yesterday at 16:12 »
Home made fish pie.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea 2021?
« Last post by wighty on Yesterday at 15:59 »
Sweet potato wedges with veggie chilli. Recipe taken from the supplement that comes with the Sunday paper.  I'm not that keen on sweet potatoes but we have three in the fridge and it would use at least two of them up so I will ' suffer for my art' I think the saying is. :lol:
I was right, several rumbles last night and a lovely lightning display over Sandown Bay.  Heavy rain overnight with showers today.  The stream at Mortonbrook has overflowed so everybody has been diverted through Yaverland which made an interesting journey home.
Grow Your Own / Re: Horsetail
« Last post by Seagull on Yesterday at 15:25 »
Before we moved last year I had quite a bit in various places which was difficult to get rid of but our new home is absolutely rife with it! I dug loads out but it soon developed into a forest and even comes up between the mortar in the paving outside. :mad: There is no way of even minimising it so I resorted to a chemical approach and found some stuff that really works a treat. It is a very difficult decision to make when you don't want to use herbicides so maybe just see how you go with it for now.

What did you use?
Grow Your Own / Re: Removing lower tom leaves.
« Last post by Goosegirl on Yesterday at 14:53 »
I asked you a million times about your jim jams, Goosey, and you never, ever replied..:0(

It's pouring down as we speak, the thunder has awoken jRT, and now I'm ready for a post-prandial-runner-bean-induced snooze...
I haven't replied re- my jim-jams because if I told you I'd have to kill you!  :lol:
Grow Your Own / Aminopyralid damage?
« Last post by Goosegirl on Yesterday at 14:50 »
Before planting my dwarf French beans and sweet corn OH wanted me to add a load of partly-rotted horse manure to the soil as it hadn't been cultivated for a number of years. I planted a climbing DF bean at the end of April just adjacent to where the manure-digging ended and when it grew thought it looked a bit funny with its huge green leaves that were all separated by quite a bit of stem, and it is only now producing side shoots. Anyway, my dwarf ones took a while to get going but again the growth and the leaves didn't look right to me especially as they were cup-shaped. I've attached a pic of my sweet corn as well because I've successfully grown them in my greenhouse before, but these are thin and leggy with no side shoots where the cobs should be as opposed to the three I planted outside where I don't think there was any manure added to the soil when I was digging it over and they're much thicker with and have side shoots. If the general consensus agrees with me I will have to ring my supplier up to see if the farmer uses a herbicide with AP in such as Grazon.
Grow Your Own / Re: Mutant tomato plant?
« Last post by SethL on Yesterday at 14:36 »
Thanks for the info and the speedy reply, how cool. I think I've heard of fasciation before but I've never seen it. I feel quite attached to my weirdo tomato now
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