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Grow Your Own / Re: Moon Phases
« Last post by missmoneypenny on Today at 11:40 »
My French cousin says the local farmers believe leap years always have weird weather ( this is a leap year). Insert Gallic shrug, down glass of red wine.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Whatís for tea? 2024
« Last post by Lardman on Today at 10:23 »
The plan is for a fish pie - but ask me again at 5pm.  :nowink:

Mostly blue sky and sunshine, but cloud bubbling up now and again, warm enough to remove my cardigan, at least  8)
Grow Your Own / Re: Tomato help needed
« Last post by KalisDad on Today at 09:28 »
Mineral deficiency.

Yellow young leaves, with greener mature leaves, is a classic sign of iron deficiency.  Ask others in your area for recommendations on Iron supplements. Here, I would use a product called Milorganite, it provides a broad spectrum of plant nutrients, including iron.

There's more.  Your mature leaves have dark green veins, but yellow between the veins.  That is magnesium deficiency. Short-term, try adding Epsom salts when you water, try a couple teaspoons per 5-gallon builder's bucket of water, apply around each plant; repeat every couple of weeks. Long-term, add pulverised or pelleted dolomitic lime (limestone) to your soil.

The brown leaf edges are more difficult to assess on top of the iron and magnesium issues, but could be calcium deficiency, or might go away when you treat the other deficiencies.

Thank you so much Subversive,  the feed that they get is described as
A high quality, soluble tomato fertiliser suitable for use on all tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, courgettes, aubergines and soft fruit. Tomato plants are greedy feeders, requiring a continuous supply of nourishment. Chempakģ Soluble Tomato Food is specially formulated with essential nutrients, including trace elements, in the correct balance, for heavier cropping and top quality fruit. Magnesium aids fruit setting and keeps the foliage healthy; iron and manganese give colour, flavour and finish and calcium helps prevent Blossom End Rot.

(N:P:K - 11:9:30 + 2.5Mgo)

Should I stop feeding this and only try to treat the defiencies at the moment or continue with it and iron, magnesium calcium treatments? I've got a box of chempak calcium at home I can use.
*EDIT* I have some Shropshire seaweed so will feed with that over the next few weeks
Surprisingly sunny with a blue sky
General Gardening / Re: Re-potting my parlour palm.
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 09:18 »
I've just ordered the Westland compost so looking forward to getting my palm re-potted. Thanks all.
General Gardening / Re: lavender bushes
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 09:14 »
Mine are now in full flowering mode so thing the disparate weather patterns may have been the cause in your area.
Grow Your Own / Re: Moon Phases
« Last post by Subversive_plot on Today at 08:46 »
I think following lunar cycles does for the gardener/farmer what an alarm clock and calendar does for a typical working person. It keeps you on a schedule (so that you aren't planting corn two months early or two months late).

I pay more attention to predicted last and first frost dates, and weather forecasts. Also the mundane list of appointments and emergencies that always seem to interfere with gardening on a schedule.
General Gardening / Re: lavender bushes
« Last post by mdjlucan on Today at 07:36 »
Iíve had these lavender a couple of years now about three years as you see on the picture they look nice and healthy I canít understand why I have not got no flower spikes on the plants yet any ideas what may be caused? this they are in big barrels
any reply on this
Grow Your Own / Re: Gooseberry harvest
« Last post by Learnerlady on Yesterday at 22:19 »
Finished picking mine last week, some frozen and others eaten fresh, yum
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