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« on: March 18, 2009, 20:36 »
hi all i just got a new cockerel for my 15 hens its a marran if ive spelled it right,hes only 7 months old and very friendly with the hens,what im trying to do is prevent him of attacking me my partner or my kids, as the last cockerel did exactly that every time i went into the shed flying into me with his claws,so i got rid and thought a younger one may respect us and not attack the question is how do i prevent it or cant it be done? going by what ive heard they can be quite aggresive,any advice would be gratefull.
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Re: cockerel
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Hello chech221,

Some breeds can be a little tetchy, marans I hear are one of them, although sometimes you can get a nasty strain! :blink:
It does help to handle often, what I do is take hold of the cockerel and lie him on his side on the grass, then I place on hand over his head which calms him and the other hand I stroke him gently and talk to him until he becomes completely calm,still and quiet. I gently remove my hand, he should lay quiet then after a moment jump to his feet. I give him a treat -piece of bread or something still talking. I breed large faverolles and cochins -both big breeds and have never had a nasty cockerel, :D

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