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Title: Lice on chickens
Post by: snowdrops on May 18, 2021, 22:02
Sadly Polly had to be dispatched this evening after going downhill rapid day since Sunday, during the process of examining her & handling her etc I discovered creepy crawlies around her vent, could of been more widespread but I didnít want to stress her more. On reading up I think they might be lice & the  advice  was to obtain some medication similar to spot on for cats I think.
My question is can I buy it online & if so has anyone got any recommendations of a website & what to actually buy & dosage for my 3 remaining hens please.
Title: Re: Lice on chickens
Post by: perris on May 19, 2021, 07:46
This should answer all your questions

sorry for your loss.
Title: Re: Lice on chickens
Post by: grinling on May 19, 2021, 11:57
Flea stuff for cats are not licenced for poultry. You van buy louse powder and either dust the birds yourself or if they have a dedicated dusting area where they like to go, you can add some there. I have a kids sandpit with soil, wood ash and put it there.
If dusting yourself, wear a mask and old clothes. Put a hen on her side on your lap and rub the powder under her wings and over her belly to get to the roots of the feathers and then over her back, her head should be avoided.
It is also a great way to check the birds over at the same time, checking eyes, breathing, temperature.
Spoil afterwards with corn.
Keep wild birds away from your hen house and run.
Powder is cheap