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Title: Breeders still in Yorkshire?
Post by: PotteryWalrus on April 29, 2021, 21:14
Hey there! I'm looking to maybe get some girls for my backyard in the late autumn (earliest I can do due to having to clear some shrubs and having to wait for nesting season to be over before I can get pruning) and I was wondering if anyone can rec me some breeders in or around the Bradford/Leeds area? I've been trying people I found on the site directory but so far they haven't replied or the information seems super outdated.

They'd be my first ever hens so I'm ideally looking for friendly, docile birds, with maybe interesting egg colours? I've been maybe thinking about Marans or Barred Rocks as breeds, maybe Easter eggers if they can be found without the face tufts, if they're around here anywhere?