Dearth of trusses on tomatoes...

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Re: Dearth of trusses on tomatoes...
« Reply #30 on: July 26, 2021, 11:50 »
"The weather variations seem to be getting wilder, something the met office and climate scientists agree. Summer weather early in spring, cool summer suddenly changing to heatwave all confuses the plants as much if not more than the gardener!"

Even in the short time I have been living and gardening here I have seen some major variations in the weather pattern. I cannot say if this is something that will keep evolving or if it is just temporary glitches but when the locals start muttering about it you know something is up :lol:
One thing I have always done while growing vegs down here is use varieties of onions that I know for example this year I have grown Bedfordshire champion and Sturon as well as long red Florence. I have grown them Charles Dowding stylee three or four together. The Bedfordshire Champs have definitely done the best with some really lovely onions followed by the red Florence ( does not keep though) and Sturon not so well.  I know there are different types of daylength onions but does the length of day make a huge difference to the growth of onions in Europe ? Next year because I cannot get seed from the UK anymore I will try sowing the BC seeds I have left from this year and if they germinate I will grow them only for keeping and Trebons and red Florence for during growing season use . If they do not germinate I will have to buy some variety that is available in GC's here as I do not like using sets. The other alternative is the transplants sold at the local market which are cheap and very good too.

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