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Barely any rain in well over a month with parched lawns and sickly-looking shrubs. Our field, since the last  pony passed away last year, has chest-high grass and  is a tinder-trap. Hopefully about to change with a brisk NW wind, increasing cloud and temperature falling to 15C at moment with forecast 13C maximum tomorrow
The Hen House / Re: Rent-a-chicken?
« Last post by Trian chick on Today at 14:18 »
Easier way would be to find someone who has hens and offer to look after them while they were away. Husband was asked to look after a neighbour's hens.......and now we have our own.
The Hen House / Re: pale eggshell
« Last post by Trian chick on Today at 14:08 »
She is just rather unhappy! Her comb is still a good colour, although a bit floppy. For the last week or two she has had a slightly unusually gait, one leg was lifted higher than the other. Now both move evenly although slowly. I will give her another meal of wet breadcrumbs and pellets. She has done us really well.
Years ago I had a really free range 'flock' of Old English Game fowl, which were a very different kettle of fish to these girls. Couldn't get near them but I can't get over how couthy these are. That was in another house so these present hens are on 'virgin' ground.
Grow Your Own / Re: Re: Onions from seed - for 2021
« Last post by Benny130 on Today at 13:17 »
Anyone care to update with an image so I can compare where im up to?
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Song link ups 2021
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Today at 10:56 »
Oranges on Appletrees  -  A-Ha
Very high cloud with patches of blue.  maximum 19c with SW winds. 
Looks like a soggy, foggy day today. We own as far as the eye can see! A little warmer than predicted at 15ļC which is a little consolation.
What a pain, goodness knows why anyone would bury stuff like that , but on reading peopleís pleas for help on here itís common practice. If you are able & like a bit of machinery have you looked into hiring a mini digger to make short work of it? Might be worth it in the long run, if not slow & steady wins the race. Cut off the bits you expose & donít try & pull it up. Also take care of your back, they have a tendency not to recover from that sort of injury!
Grow Your Own / Re: Is raddish a seasonal Veg?
« Last post by Hampshire Hog on Today at 08:47 »
You need to sow small amounts of radish every few weeks.
They are best when young and do become woody and run to seed over time.
They may need watering if itís very dry but other than that they can be grown till the weather turns. HH
Grow Your Own / Is raddish a seasonal Veg?
« Last post by Jake on Today at 07:24 »
Good Morning Gardening People
I'm sorry I'm sure this may have been discussed but I can't find it on the search.
I didn't used to like Raddish but I grew some French Breakfast in the Spring and they were delicious and creamy but now they are running to seed and tend to be woody and a bit bitter.  Is it too hot? Maybe I'm not watering enough (although I doubt it).  What's going on?

Tips would be most appreciated.

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