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Title: Which top soil
Post by: Dgreenwood on February 05, 2021, 13:35
I have my first poly tunnel, 24í x 14í, and am installing raised beds for vegetables and salads. Looking for top soil to buy, to put in the beds, but it is so bewildering... could anyone advise me on the most important things to be looking for/questions to ask, eg organic, PH, Grade A, level of nutrients... many companies donít seem to give this info./.. Iíve found a local, seem to be reputable, company who mainly do turfing, but say they have a Grade A top soil that is perfect for vegetables/raised beds. Is that enough info?? Thank you!
Title: Re: Which top soil
Post by: rowlandwells on February 05, 2021, 17:35
the soil in our poly tunnel seems to be quite good but as our tunnels are used for bench growing we don't really use the poly tunnels for growing veg in raised beds

but when i use to use our poly tunnels for growing veg we used to dig in a mix of peat and horse manure and we found it was good for growing veg to buy top soil we found was a bit costly and that would need something adding to it on the second growing season

the only downside was we didn't  use any horse or other manure for growing parsnips or carrots apart from that good results in a way i miss growing veg in our tunnels  :(