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Chatting on the Plot / Re: Song link ups 2021
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Yesterday at 23:27 »
Little does she know - Kursaal Flyers
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea 2021?
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Yesterday at 23:25 »
Chinese takeaway bonanza.
Grow Your Own / Re: Problems with spinach germination
« Last post by Subversive_plot on Yesterday at 22:05 »
Well, I seem to have answered my own question.

My problem was likely that the ground was still too warm for the spinach to grow properly.

I looked for a better explanation of "how to do it" to germinate the seed for fall planting here.  Found it at:

The method suggested was to:
1. Soak the seed in room temperature water for 12 hours.
2. Drain, wrap the soaked seed in wet paper towel.  Put the paper towel with seeds in a plastic bag (I changed this step and used a plastic container with a lid). 
3. Put the bag [or container] in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
4. Remove the container, bring it back into a room temperature environment.  The seeds will begin germinating in about 2 days (with germination continuing after that). 
5. Plant in seed starter packs as seeds sprout.

The exposure to cold was what I was missing, and what the seeds needed.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Price for an allotment
« Last post by jaydig on Yesterday at 20:12 »
£125 for London sounds very good to me.  What else could you do for £2.40 per week. You'll have fresh air, exercise (which would cost a fortune in a gym), friends to chat to and loads of lovely fresh fruit and veg to enjoy.  Brilliant value for money!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Knobbled by my Surgeon
« Last post by jaydig on Yesterday at 20:09 »
Sometimes fate has a way of catching up with you, Mrs B.  All the best for next month and at least you don't have long to wait now, then it will all be over and done with.
Grow Your Own / Re: Overwintering strawberries.
« Last post by jaydig on Yesterday at 20:05 »
I cut all of the remaining leaves off them and detach the stems to the runners that have formed. I read somewhere that exposing the centre of the plants to the cold initiates more blossom for the next year, and therefore more fruit. I remove all netting for the winter period and leave it off until the fruits start to form next year.  It just makes keeping the beds weed free much easier. Any decent rooted runners can be dug up and used to start another bed, or to give away to other plot holders.
Welcome to the Forums / Re: Looking for manure
« Last post by snowdrops on Yesterday at 19:49 »
P1P could Spudder pm you his number & you pass that on to the lady who could then contact Spudder if she chooses?
Welcome to the Forums / Re: Looking for manure
« Last post by Spudder on Yesterday at 18:50 »
Thank you.

I fully understand re the internet etc and agree.

Iíve checked via every online Avenue I can think of and met with no success. The nearest location is Stourport and that at a cost of £40 a trailer (approx 1 ton).

Other than that there are locations in Birmingham,Warwick again at a similar cost.

So if there is a way to communicate with you privately perhaps we could try that? Not sure if there is a way of direct PM via this forum or not?

Grow Your Own / Re: looking back over my shoulder
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 18:14 »
The main thing I learnt this year is that I can't manage a full 10 perch plot any more  ::) so have given back half.
Another is that the layer of greensand that underlies the allotments, is only about 15ins below the surface where I planted the climbing berries. This year they dried out badly so produced little fruit. Must add a load more compost manure over that bed, to help with water retention.

Grow Your Own / Re: looking back over my shoulder
« Last post by Learnerlady on Yesterday at 17:59 »
I  managed successional sowing of peas, beetroot pak choi carrots and lettuce so avoided gluts. Not sure if the "popcorn" sweetcorn worked as not harvested yet then need to dry before trying. Didn't manage to get any peanuts so on the list for nrxt year. Going to reduce liquid feed on fig as too many fruits that wont, develop and far fewer this year. Putting netting on onions and around cobnut as was thrilled to see fruits but birds\squirrel other got them befor us. Improved marking of seedlings and drawing up a plan for rotation next year.
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