In the cold weather(Winter?) Do you allow your chickens out of there coop?

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On really cold days i give them a warm porridge mix made with hot water, sometimes in the morning or at tea time to help keep them warm. They wolf it down and they do sometimes look like they are fit to burst.
I think this is more for my benefit than theirs, they really dont seem to mind the cold or even the wet. The have shelter but rarely use it unless it is a really heavy, sudden down pour.
They are not too keen on the snow underfoot and though they come out they dont venture far. I normaly shovel an area clear (we dont get much so it not usually a major problem)



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I let mine out no matter what, but leave the henhouse open so they can shelter in there  :)



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I let mine out no matter what, but leave the henhouse open so they can shelter in there  :)

Same as me, but only different is i have a old sign that they can shelter under, where theyre feeders are kept (stops it getting soggy!)

My wife, The kids, Coco the dog, Abunch of hens,



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We simply open the shutter in the morning and close it late in the afternoon, so they make their choice; the only time they run for cover is when there is a deluge of heavy rain.

However, since spotting a nasty mink the other afternoon we only let them out when Ben, their minder, is on duty. The mink is obviously lurking ready to attack, so the poor girls are having to remain inside rather a lot. It's a very large pen but we still hate restricting their freedom.  :(



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That's the great thing with my coop being in the walk in run now - mine can get up and go to bed when they want and they shelter under the coop (which has two solid sides at ground level) if it's driving rain.

I can't see the logic of shutting them in in cold weather - hens are generally intelligent enough to know whether to get under cover or huddle together. They seem to be really good at knowing which plants are good or poisonous too - they are not as daft as they look (well, not about everything  :tongue2: )



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Mine have decided that today is much too cold - so after a quick feed they have all gone back in the coop - they have been moulting something shocking so they are maybe feeling the cold more than normal.

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