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Title: It is all finished .....
Post by: mrs bouquet on October 12, 2020, 14:49
and I am absolutely thrilled.    I am of course talking about my new roof and velux windows.   Three long years it has taken me to find suitable people to do it.     It looks fantastic, no more horrid moss and dust blowing everywhere.   The velux windows look so different on the inside.  The bathroom one is bigger now and the bedroom one whilst the same size is in white wood instead of pine (which had gone black !)

We have had some good laughs whilst they have been here and I shall miss them.  However, they are both very adapt at doing other things, so I am sure they will be back again at some time.      Pheww, the relieve it is now done  :) :)
  I don't care if it rains now .     Except next week  Earth Architecture are coming to dismantle greenhouse and pigsty,  rebuild and put up fencing, and lots of other things I have got on my list.     :D
So thank you to all who have listened to my groans about this over the last years.   What would I have done without you.      Mrs Bouquet
Title: Re: It is all finished .....
Post by: New shoot on October 12, 2020, 15:33
I am so glad it has gone well Mrs B and you are pleased with it all  :D
Title: Re: It is all finished .....
Post by: snowdrops on October 12, 2020, 15:37
Well done you & your team. You did well to stick at it. Can you go n local social media & give them a recommendation. Hope your greenhouse renovations go as well. Pictures are a must you know
Title: Re: It is all finished .....
Post by: jaydig on October 12, 2020, 18:49
It's a sad indictment of today that when work is available, it is very difficult to get someone who is interested enough to come and do it.  Even more difficult to find someone capable to actually do a good job.  The young couple next to us have had a succession of people coming to do work, and in every single case there have been problems. I feel so sorry for them.
We, on the other hand, have been extremely lucky in the people that I bought a summerhouse from, and who also came and did the preparatory groundwork and then came and erected it.  Likewise the happy team that came and removed all of the old rendering from our gable end and replaced it with beautiful new render.
Cost me a fortune in egg, sausage and bacon sarnies and cups of tea and coffee - but I didn't mind at all. I like to treat anyone working here as I would like my family to be treated if it was them.
In fact, they're just like family - they leave muddy boot prints on the kitchen floor and don't wash up after themselves!!
Title: Re: It is all finished .....
Post by: Yorkie on October 18, 2020, 13:29
Glad you're pleased with it Mrs B  :D
Title: Re: It is all finished .....
Post by: Scribbler on October 18, 2020, 15:47
I know the feeling. We've just had all our windows replaced. They did a great job, and were really helpful and considerate.

Now I just love it when it rains, as I know there won't be water leaking in where the old rotten windows were.

Then more building work after Christmas fascias, soffits, downpipes, roof repairs etc. Then I think we'll be finished. For a bit, anyway.