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Title: Strawberries by the kilo!
Post by: John on May 30, 2019, 00:21
The strawberries are doing really well in the polytunnel already. Looking at increasing production of this wonderful fruit for next year too.

Strawberries by the kilo! (
Title: Re: Strawberries by the kilo!
Post by: lettice on May 30, 2019, 09:14
Mine are all flowering nicely at the moment, and a few are just about starting to produce, all outside and in pots.

I'm still harvesting from my 1 Lidl ones that I bought back in June 2016
Got three plants then, a roman, merlan and a tristan.
Have since then each year taken around 20 or so runners and with the good advice on here they have worked well.
Did start doing baskets and pots for a few years, but the baskets are a pain to water and control.
So have decided to do pots only this year outside.
The rectangular pots I use produce the same crop amount as the baskets, but are tidier and easier to water.
I get bowlfuls each week for two months from the pots.

Did think originally that strawberries would be more difficult to grow, but they are easy, propoaget fine, produce nicely and in pots take up little space.

Here are a couple of my pots, with one runner per pot;

Title: Re: Strawberries by the kilo!
Post by: AlaninCarlisle on May 30, 2019, 09:58
We've been eating ours grown in the polytunnel for a few weeks now. Strange thing is that the most prolific plants are the accidental ones off runners that went into the gravel paths along the inside edge of the tunnel. Great eating from mid May to mid June but they tend to get everywhere once fruiting has stopped and would take over the entire tunnel if unchecked