Korma died overnight :-(

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Re: Korma died overnight :-(
« Reply #15 on: September 14, 2011, 19:04 »
So sorry to hear of your sad losses. One thing I would say, though, re introducing new girls, make sure the older bird is in situ in the run before the newbies. Last time I got new girls, little Miss Red was free ranging and so when she returned at night, the others went for her. But when I had Miss Grey and she was all alone, I introduced the new girls to her in the henhouse/run, and she took charge and we had no problems.

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Re: Korma died overnight :-(
« Reply #16 on: September 15, 2011, 02:59 »
Although I agree with Joy it did sound like an egg binding issue thehe fact two have gone so quickly and one was "sick" have they been eating anything unusual recently like fermenting grass cuttings as sour crop is also a possibility too.

Ordinarily you would need to introduce new birds to an existing flock gradually as the old ones will be very territorial and try and drive the new ones away, however as you have only one hen left this might not happen.  Put out two lots of feed and water so your remaining bird can't guard them all and keep an eye on them to start with.  Also introducing new birds it would be normally sensible to quarentine them for three weeks or so but again with just one bird at risk you might decide not to bother and take the risk.

It also usually best when introducing new birds to a house that you keep them confined in the house and run for 24 hours before allowing them to free range the garden so they get to know this is home.

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Re: Korma died overnight :-(
« Reply #17 on: September 16, 2011, 14:54 »
Hi I have just introduced 3 little ones to my last hen Lula, we put the newbies in the attatched run and left Lula free ranging, she squawked and screamed at them, when dusk came we put Lula in the coop and left her for 1 hour then opened up pop hole, as soon as newbie tried to get in Lula went mad!! So Lula came out and slept indoors the others in coop, 2 nights we did this.
Day 2 all free ranging Lula still screaming at them (they were completely ignoring her!)Lula then was fine with us putting them in the coop with her as long as they didn't enter through pop hole??( who knows the logic :))
Day 3 they started to go round together Lula definately incharge and loving it as she was always bottom of the order!She now lets them enter the coop.
I would say lots of feeders and drinking stations around and good luck!! :)

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