Watering solution for greenhouses

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Watering solution for greenhouses
« on: August 08, 2022, 10:44 »
Hi, not sure if anyone can help or point in the right direction.

We have 3 greenhouses of various sizes in our 2 allotments. We have IBC tanks / water butts next to these so source of water is not an issue. Trying to figure out a solution to get a solar power pump to pump water from these to some hosepipe lengths in the greenhouses to keep things hydrated for up to 2 weeks at a time in a reliable way without someone being there all the time to check that it is working properly.  Flow rate does not need to be massive, I am mainly thinking about drip irrigation. I tried the gravity principle and tried messing around with different configurations of this but couldn't really get anything to work reliably and consistently for more than a couple of days probably mainly because there isn't really much of a height decrease between water source and where the water needed to go.

So really I am looking for some kind of solar power water pump that I can connect a hosepipe to, then make holes in the hopsepipe, stick the hosepipe on a frame in the greenhouse, and let it do it's thing. Seems very simple but any ready made products seem to cost a fortune or need mains power or some other reason / issue.
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Re: Watering solution for greenhouses
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2022, 21:01 »
I have a set up covering 3 (2 8x6 and 1 6x6) greenhouses - 30W solar panel, charge regulator, 12v car battery, 12v timer switch# and a caravan/motorhome whale pump* in a water butt that pumps water through drip line irrigation hose. It works well for me with the only time limitation being the available water volume (you'll need to experiment with pump timings etc but I've found I can leave things unattended for 5 days or so with ca350L capacity).

You need to install a syphon breaker too otherwise the water will simply syphon out after the 1st pump. I have a simple 'T' line back to the butt from the outlet side of the pump.

# and *around 10 each on the well known auction site
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