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Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea 2021?
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Yesterday at 22:10 »
Went to the movies tonight and the chippy had closed early. Dinner is Moscow Mules and a bag of crisps ;)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Overkill perhaps?
« Last post by Tenhens on Yesterday at 21:56 »
Looks to me like someone's been to the local fancy dress store , what happened to being creative with a white sheet .  Pumpkin chutney is lovely and a much better use.

Hope the items get used again next year.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: gardeners world
« Last post by Tenhens on Yesterday at 21:48 »
I think there may well also still be limitations re. filming / number of people to make films etc.?

I think you may be right.

G W  does seem to divide opinion , I like Monty ,  he has a soothing voice which I hear when ever I'm reading one of his books . I take the angle on viewers gardens that you may pick up an idea that you hadn't thought of or the gardener may say something that sparks the seed of invention.

We all know that there are many areas to the subject , pruning , propagation and greenhouse growing are just a handful of the subjects that people are interested in. A grower who likes their brassicas   may not be interested in topiary. It is a wide and interesting subject and one size doesn't fit all

It does make a change to have a program that isn't preceded by the all to common announcement " the following program contains strong language"  etc  which seems to be the norm these days.

 Friday evenings can be spent "wandering"  around these pages now that the evenings are drawing in .     

Chatting on the Plot / Re: toes
« Last post by Subversive_plot on Yesterday at 20:49 »
Wighty, I hope you and those toes feel better soon!  OUCH!!   :(

I stubbed a big toe badly when I was 21.  Now at 63, I can still feel in my toe that the weather is turning before I see it! 
Grow Your Own / Re: Daily Harvest
« Last post by JayG on Yesterday at 20:31 »
Not been into the GH for about a week because as you might expect everything's pretty much done for now.
Amazed to find 6 mini cukes (La Diva) and a few handfuls of usable tomatoes.  :)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea 2021?
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 20:16 »
I had sea bass with bubble and squeak  :D
I made an apple pie, but alas couldn't find the ice cream I thought I had in the freezer  :wacko:
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea 2021?
« Last post by New shoot on Yesterday at 19:31 »
a sneaky bit of diced courgette (still going in the garden!)

Mine are still going on the plot so we had a sneaky bit of diced courgette as well, which was roasted with red onion and chilli.  Also pork loin steak, wedges and some steamed plot greens.

YouTube inspired pud which must be the simplest thing ever.  Put coconut flakes or chopped peanuts or roasted sesame seeds in a small plastic bag.  Add a peeled nana and squish into the topping.  Add a lolly stick and freeze.  I am not a nana fan and even I liked them  :)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Overkill perhaps?
« Last post by Aunty on Yesterday at 18:58 »
Splendid. My grandchildren would love it !
Grow Your Own / Re: What I did on the plot today 2021
« Last post by Thrutchington on Yesterday at 18:46 »
An hour after work finishing getting a big raised bed ready for overwintering onions, shallots and garlic, a couple of dryish days made the ground nice to work with. Should be planted up to the hilt with sets before the weekend!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: toes
« Last post by Lardman on Yesterday at 17:33 »
Sort out the cause for the slip Wighty, several of ML's friends suffered nasty injuries falling in the bath. Grab rails are handy if only to provide a little extra stability when stepping out - I have even put one up here  ;)

As for the toes - I also feel your pain, having lost count of the number of times I've stubbed them of stuff around the house. They need redesigning - especially the little ones which just stick out too far for their own good.
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