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Title: Keeping lilies fresh
Post by: Blackpool rocket on July 21, 2021, 23:53
Hello all,
I need some help.

My mum died last week, she was 91.
She loved her garden, we managed, especially difficult over the past near 5 years, to keep her in her own home. A home she and Dad built in 1955.
My sister built a house in the back garden in 1980. She died there in 2008.
My Dad died in the house in 2011
My mum died there last week.
There are very strong connections.

I want everyone who comes to the funeral, all conducted outside, to bring something from their own garden, if possible, obviously not everyone will be able to, so, let's take that as a given please.

We have some Algarve? lilies just coming out and various other neglected flowers which I know Mum would have liked.
Being how cut flowers are so difficult to keep, can I suppress these blooms for any length of time, I know misting can help but are their any other tips?
Wild flowers generally wilt after a few minutes.....keeping them good for a couple of hours would be a bonus.
What do you know?
Title: Re: Keeping lilies fresh
Post by: Debz on July 22, 2021, 10:46
Sorry for your loss.  Could you do a hand tied bouquet like you can get in M&S where the flowers are in a bag of water with your flowers.  Harder to know what to do with those that others might bring.
Title: Re: Keeping lilies fresh
Post by: Goosegirl on July 22, 2021, 11:45
Could you ring a local florist and ask their advice? I'm sure that under the circumstances they'd be only too happy to help.
Title: Re: Keeping lilies fresh
Post by: mrs bouquet on July 22, 2021, 13:29
Florists have a cool room for suppressing buds, and bring them somewhere hot to open.   So this is a suggestion, I have not tried it but it seems to make sense.  Perhps you could try it with one.
Turn your 'fridge to a low setting and remove some shelving and stand the lillies in a container in a little water.
Failing that find the very coolest place in your house or garden.  remove the lower leaves and stand in very cold water.     Hope that helps.    I live near you so please don't come and tell me off if it doesn't work.  :D
Meanwhile, I am so sorry to hear about your loss,  My mum lived next door to me and died about 3 years ago, she was 98.    It has been difficult to accept new neighbours living there.  Particularly when they do things I dislike, ut it is their home now.   
Try to enjoy inner peace and remember all the lovely things and a garden is no place better place to do that.    Kind regards,  Mrs Bouquet
Title: Re: Keeping lilies fresh
Post by: Blackpool rocket on July 22, 2021, 19:38
Thanks for those suggestions.
The fridge idea is not one I had considered. The fridge is empty so it would be quite possible to fill it with flowers for a couple of hours whilst we get ready and call in to get them on our way, brilliant!
We'll give that a bash.