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Title: Advice needed polytunnel on exposed site
Post by: jmc1949 on April 11, 2021, 15:41
Hello all, I have recently installed a 6x8 polytunnel from a reputable company ( Polytunnels). I am concerned that because my plot is on an exposed site near to the Ribble estuary that the wind may cause damage. I am thinking of putting debris netting over the outside to try to prevent damage and also give some shading in the summer.

Would this be a reasonable solution or does anyone have any other ideas I could use. Cheers Jenny
Title: Re: Advice needed polytunnel on exposed site
Post by: The bunny on April 26, 2021, 22:37
Hello Jenny. I have a very similar problem. My poly tunnel is at the top of an escarpment in Kent. It really blows. Great views, but jolly windy at times. My tunnel was a gift, but not meant for a windy site. I had a local blacksmith make some fearsome stakes/ hooks to hammer into the ground over the base frame.These have held up, however the cover is taking the strain.  Researching this, I found the advice was to make a wooden base frame and securely tie in to each of the  base poles. The wind catches under the plastic and acts like a kite. The base planks are are fully joined together to make a rigid support. The cover of the green house can then be stapled or attached with tacks to the base frame. This offers weight to the bottom of the greenhouse but also prevents the cover from lifting. I am about to do just this. I am happy to email pics if this helps. Hopefully my tunnel is still there after todays wind.  Goodluck.
Title: Re: Advice needed polytunnel on exposed site
Post by: rowlandwells on April 27, 2021, 19:53
 I think bunny has the rite idea I will be doing the same thing when we put our green poly tunnel up down the allotments I'm also thinking about putting some strong scaffolding netting over the green tunnel just to be on the safe side overwinter we have a 20ft poly tunnel at the house garden  i renewed the cover last year and I ended up putting some green shading over the tunnel for the summer but I ended up keeping on all winter and the shading never faded and the tunnel cover stayed in place no movement its still drum tight
Title: Re: Advice needed polytunnel on exposed site
Post by: snowdrops on April 28, 2021, 08:31
How was your frame anchored in to the ground? My recently purchased & installed tunnel from First tunnels had the option of screw in ground spikes which I went for, then I went for the aluminium base rails. Both at extra cost of course. We also decided to put a run of scaffold boards around the base to protect cover, tge base rails go onto this & the boards are fastened at the base of the hoops. It seems very secure & stable, but time will tell I suppose.
Title: Re: Advice needed polytunnel on exposed site
Post by: Abunndance on May 20, 2021, 11:32
We live on the Norfolk coast and get heavy winds three seasons out of the year.  The wind has shredded three polytunnels of ours.  Finally we put one protected on three sides by buildings and a fence.  So far, this year, we only have two small holes.  Only problem is, there's poor lighting now in this position.  I would advise you to use any method you can come up with to protect your polytunnel. 
Title: Re: Advice needed polytunnel on exposed site
Post by: jmc1949 on May 20, 2021, 21:47
Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your comments.  My polytunnel was from Premier Polytunnels. It has a wooden base rail and is fixed with ground spikes. My brother also added some deep wooden stakes as well. We have had some strong winds lately but it is holding up well. I intended to purchase some shade netting to help keep it in place and will definitely be keeping it on all winter. My shed also provides some shelter from the prevailing wind.