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Title: Tunnel Q
Post by: AndyRVTR on December 02, 2020, 09:41
Hi all, I'm after a bit of wisdom if anyone can help.. why do some folk completely cover polytunnels with plastic sheeting but some do the top half plastic and the bottom half netting? Is there a reason other than ventilation, I thought polytunnels we're meant to be all plastic which leads to extra warmth to extend the growing season?
Title: Re: Tunnel Q
Post by: mumofstig on December 02, 2020, 09:51
It depends on what they are growing, is the answer.
Things like strawberries benefit from some protection from rain and maybe from frost on early flowers, but don't necessarily need any extra heat. The same is true for salad crops, and flowers, which heavy rain/hail can spoil for market.
Title: Re: Tunnel Q
Post by: rowlandwells on December 03, 2020, 17:07
although our poly tunnel has clear polythene cover i put green shading over it to stop uv light and it works well although it does get warm inside the tunnel in summertime but not burning and you can remove it in the winter when you need more light

but had i not bought the poly sheeting to replace the old cover  sometime ago i would have bought netting as a cover because it seems to be a better option for the perfect growing environment a friend of ours put a net cover on his polytunnel and had very good growing results far better than us using polythene

and of cause it depends  on what you intend to grow in your tunnel to the choice of cover always best to ask those who supply these tunnels what spec they advise for you needs