Where to find info on all the legal stuff

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Where to find info on all the legal stuff
« on: September 27, 2014, 12:59 »
Seems like I've come out of hibernation after being quiet for so long!

Anyway Mr and Mrs Swing Swang  are seriously thinking of a smallholding with a couple of holiday lets to bring in a little hard cash. Still at the prelim/investigation stage, and there's enough info about the actual rearing/growing/building etc etc, what's harder to find is all of the legal loopholes (in an easy to digest form rather than wading through the food.gov.uk website) involved in producing & selling everything from jams/honey/chutneys through to meat and processed products such as charcuterie and cheese.

Does anyone know of a useful book/publication/website/organisation to start me on my way?





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Re: Where to find info on all the legal stuff
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2014, 08:57 »
The gov web site is, hopefully, up to date. The big problem is that regulations have changed and keep changing which makes it unattractive to write a book. Katie Thear put a lot of time into researching and assembling the information for keeping poultry as a small business with Organic Poultry but the regs have changed since then

Just to further complicate the issue, Wales have different rules in some things than England. For example all food businesses in Wales must display the results (their score) for food hygiene.

I'd suggest you contact your local authority - I found them really helpful on a food hygiene query. I believe there are courses you can and probably should go on as well.

Don't forget different rules apply to raising livestock, slaughtering, selling, preparation etc. Although it all sounds daunting if you're trying to analyse an idea as a business much of it is common sense. You will need to have a separate dairy area for cheese making. If you did yoghurt you'd need refrigeration (commercial standard) and so forth.

I'd suggest you would be better keeping to one area and researching that in depth. You can't make jam in the dairy for example. Don't forget you will need to be able to make a quality product to sell it (or at least sell it twice). Start by making things for yourself at home - can you do it? was the result as good as bought product? did you enjoy doing it? The last is important - if you find handling meat on a large scale distasteful then a sausage business is not for you!

Incidentally, holiday lets are subject to regulations as well. Your local council can help.

Sorry I've not answered your question as asked, but I hope my thoughts on the subject are helpful.

Do let us know what you find out along the way.
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