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Title: planting a Rosemary in a container
Post by: mrs bouquet on March 22, 2021, 14:18
Lots of crock and pea shingle in bottom of pot.  Shall I add some horticultural grit to multi-purpose, and if so what percentage.   thanks,  Mrs Bouquet
Title: Re: planting a Rosemary in a container
Post by: lettice on March 23, 2021, 07:14
I have planted rosemary in a few large 12-18 inch pots before and it was ok. The plants with more than regular trimming did not qrow much more than about 12 inches the first year. I just used my regular garden soil.
I thought as I have not ever fed or treated my garden rosemary plants with anything special it will be fine and it was.
I'm not sure they are that fussy.
Only thing in the pot though after a year, rosemary grows quickly and the roots do become strong and mine were quickly through the bottom of the pot into the soil.
It bushed quite well in the pot, so if its a more ornamental you are looking for a smaller bushy small plant is what I had.
Also in drier times the pots became very dry, so needed regular watering. But like you mention it needs good drainage, as I found the roots were taking up much of the pot it got flooded on top with heavy rain. A few more holes in the bottom of the pot sorted that.

So anything you can do to control the watering is a good move.

I every year take cuttings of my garden rosemary, three in a small 3 inch pot and the next year they are ready to plant out. In about a months time I will be doing exactly that, straight back into the soil or as I have done in the past into large pots.
The cuttings are very reliable and often give them away.
I always have about three rosemary bushes going in the garden. I find after about five years, even with regular trimming they do tend to lose that bush and control we strive for.
But then I always do love making cuttings, a joy of gardening is creating new life.
I use rosemary a lot on my cooking so it gets a lot of use.
Title: Re: planting a Rosemary in a container
Post by: mrs bouquet on March 23, 2021, 12:05
Thanks for all that brilliant info.   I shall throw a couple of handful of grit, for good measure.  Also I shall remember to check the water.  Cheers.   Mrs B