Turbine-less wind generator:

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Turbine-less wind generator:
« on: March 17, 2008, 12:19 »
Turbine-less wind generator:

I first found this on Spikedhumor.com but I can’t access that site from work (and if you're more than a little shy I wouldn't recomend the site :D )

So simple, so obvious, yet somehow no one else thought of it first… and all I had to do was stick a magnet and some coils on my bird scarer!!

This is the main site: www.humdingerwind.com
There is a section on the site that at the moment is under development that seems to offer the promise of a 'build your own' instructions in a few weeks. Which is why I thought I would post it here.

I plan to try and build one down my plot out of the usual reclaimed or recycled scrap to power a water irrigation system in my greenhouse. Don't hold your breath for pictures it will take me a while yet I'm sure.

For those looking for a little more information this is an interview with the inventor: http://www.ecofriend.org/entry/shawn-frayne-disclosing-the-intricacies-behind-his-ingenious-windbelt/

I hope some of you find this interesting and don't feel it's a little two off topic.


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Turbine-less wind generator:
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2008, 12:53 »
8) that is very intresting i have 4 car batterys at the plot and in sick of bringing them home to charge :(  .ive been looking at wind turbines and solar pannels  :lol: .the hard bit is getting plans to build your own charge controller you can buy them on ebay but thay dont have anywhere to connect a dumpload thay just swicth of when fully charged but i need a dumpload to power some 12 volt car heaters once my batterys are fully charged so as to make the most of my free energy . :D  8) ..p,j,

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