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Title: Sudden death of chicken
Post by: Gerard Havercroft on April 06, 2021, 22:33
Hi all.

I've had a horrible experience today when one of my chickens suddenly died in my hands.

Sh had been hiding in her house the entire day and was clearly ill. I decided to get her out of the nest she was in to give her water and to isolate from the other ladies. While giving her water (water and a few drops of a vitamin/amino acid/molasses mix for sick and recovering animals) ,  I gave her a couple of drops and allowed her to rest and swallow and she suddenly went ridged, with head drawn back and beak to the sky and legs flailing. She Los control of her bowels too. In the space of 5 or 10 seconds she was gone.

I don't be believe she had choked as I have syringe fed before and was really working drop by drop. Is this a seizure or could she havechoked in such a sudden quick turn. I know it's too late for her but I'd quite like to know what happened to the poor thing.

Many thanks.

Best. Geard
Title: Re: Sudden death of chicken
Post by: grinling on April 07, 2021, 21:08
I wouldn't have thought it was the syringe.
I had a bantam, who was off colour etc. I held her in my arms and she went stiff then head flopped over and stuff oozed out of her mouth. I had the chickens, which were from another allotmenter, for about 2 months, it was awful.
Was she showing any noticeable symptons before all this?