how and do ? hybrids (brown hen) go broody how can you get them broody ?

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hello again i would love to get some baby chicks this year  i only have brown hens i think there called hybreeds ?  a few of the chicken keepers on the allotment say that i wont get them to go broody and wont get chicks . one qoted ( if you get a brown hen to lay and fertilse and sit and hatch then il give up my allotment.)   now i would like to prove him wrong and get them broody . i realy do want baby chicks any ideas how i can acive this so called in possible task ? thanks
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my cockral is a monster well summer it was born october last year and its now a lot bigger than my hens .  i also will be getting a light sussex  this week as well . but its the well summer in at the min



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Hi - some hybrids will go broody - I had one.  BUT when I got some hatching eggs for her she sat in the empty next box or on the eggs at random and so they did not hatch!

That is she would be sitting - get up to go and have a feed etc. & then go back in and get on the wrong - empty - nest box,

In other words they might go broody but they are not very good at it :(

I don't know if there is a way to persuade a hen to go broody.

If you want chicks you might be better getting a pure breed like a silkie or a light sussex which are meant to go broody easily and be good mothers.

Good luck :D
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we hatched some chicks from ex barn hens and a Rhode Island red cockerel, but we did it in the incubator, i don't think they make good broody's.

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