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Title: Breed and housing question
Post by: Lisa Mottram on July 02, 2020, 23:41
Hi all newbie here.
I've just bought 2 silkies chicks today aged 4 weeks, I've been told they are pullets but I've read its hard to tell until they are older.
I'm told they are silkie Sussex but I cant find that breed anywhere online.
I've got them in a two storey rabbit hutch for the time being until they are old enough to join my main coop.
I've also got 9 week old mini lion lop rabbits, would they be ok in the same run?
Also wondering if anyone has seen any birds like these before and can confirm the breed for me please, as I've read silkies need slightly more effort to raise than normal chucks.
I've put them to bed tonight and outside in a double hutch filled with straw to keep them warm, yet they are still huddled together next to the door.
I'm getting some quail tomorrow that are just about to come into pol.
Can I put my silkie chicks in with my quail to keep them warm of a night?
Its not exactly cold here atm where I am in the uk but they dont seem to be asleep at this time if night, they are constantly cheeping (is that a word) chirping and I'm just a bit worried about them.
Thank you in advance
Title: Re: Breed and housing question
Post by: New shoot on July 03, 2020, 10:45
Hi Lisa and welcome.

4 weeks is the very earliest chicks can come off heat, so I would recommend you think about bringing your 2 inside in a box to sleep in a cool room for a week or so.  A puppy cage can also be a good indoor home for young chicks.  Ideally they need to be fully feathered before being left to it.   Please don't mix them with rabbits or quail.  They are babies and defenceless.  Quail can be very aggressive.  I am not sure about rabbits, but it is not worth the risk.

The cheeping is just because they are suddenly on their own and a bit scared.  If you spend more time with them, they will get very tame and calm down.

Have you found the poultry pages on the main site here?  That may be a good starting point for you  :)