What weeds or weed roots dont you compost ?

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Re: What weeds or weed roots dont you compost ?
« Reply #15 on: October 04, 2009, 11:11 »
I agree with Tode that most domestic compost heaps/bins which are added to bit by bit do not heat up enough to kill weed seeds, and even a hot heap is unlikely to kill tomato (and squash) seeds which would seem to be virtually bomb-proof!

I have 3 daleks and a council green bin:

1) All perennial or nasty roots or very woody waste goes in the council bin for them to compost.

2) 1 dalek is near the kitchen for kitchen veg waste/paper/cardboard - this makes the "cleanest" and also the quickest compost.

3) daleks 2 and 3 live up the garden and I try to put anything that has or may have seeded into one of them, the rest of the stuff in the other. When using the compost I try to make sure the "seedy" stuff is buried (e.g bean trench) to reduce the chance of an unexpected crop of weeds.

OK, not a perfect solution by any means but sometimes you just have to do what you can to help tip the odds a bit more in your favour.
Sow your seeds, plant your plants. What's the difference? A couple of weeks or more when answering possible queries!

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Re: What weeds or weed roots dont you compost ?
« Reply #16 on: October 04, 2009, 16:10 »
The dock and the dandelion roots have been the problem on my plot to date but now that I run an incinerator they are not a problem. Burn and throw on compost heap.

I've given the incinerator it's first run out today - four hours burning rotten timber that has been on site for the last three years and I've not had time to deal with it. When I can get the man with the saw otherwise known as the son-in-law to destruct the remaining planks down to a small size I can incinerate them and that's job done.

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