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Title: Rotavator
Post by: Fletch24 on September 09, 2021, 11:35
Hi All, Im a new member having only got my allotment a few months ago. Im looking into getting a rotavator... I cant really go too expensive but i dont want to buy something too cheap that wont do the job. Ive been looking at the Titan Pro TP400B/450... Has anyone any experience of these? Or better still any good recommendations? Many thanks in advance

Regards, David
Title: Re: Rotavator
Post by: rowlandwells on September 09, 2021, 18:15
Hi Fletch
 its a job to say what's the best for your needs not knowing the type of ground you have from my experience with rotavators over the past 40 years we needed something robust so I've always gone for merry tillers over the years

so when the last merry tiller gave up the ghost  after some thought and looking at the cost of a new tiller I bit the bullet and bought a brand new one from our local garden machine dealer who gave me a good deal on a new Viking tiller it works a treat on our ground that is a tad on the heavy side

but again its down to your needs so if that Titan fits your needs then its worth buying but i would suggest shop around look at other brands and price before deciding also taking  your rotavator to your allotments is that going to be a problem?