Bird watch

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Hampshire Hog

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Re: Bird watch
« Reply #120 on: September 30, 2022, 20:13 »
Second chance on Wednesday photographed the Red kite out of our spare bedroom window. Just managed to take 4 shots this time. Hopefully it will return and I can get some photos of it in flight.
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mrs bouquet

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Re: Bird watch
« Reply #121 on: October 20, 2022, 13:23 »
There are hardly any birds to watch here now.   New neighbours behind my garden, have taken a chain saw to all the trees and shrubs in their garden to ground level.    Now the hundreds of sparrows have all gone.  I fill the bird bath everyday and this morning one blackbird went in for a good bath.   It made me so happy.
I have seen the buzzards wheeling overhead.  It seems as if they are on thermals as thei r wings don't move.
They must be conserving energy as well.   :D   Mrs Bouquet
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Re: Bird watch
« Reply #122 on: March 16, 2023, 14:04 »
Well I think we can definitely say Spring is Sprung! Any thoughts on what she is saying to us?
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Re: Bird watch
« Reply #123 on: March 16, 2023, 16:02 »
There are a lot of birds in the hedge, but the trouble is.... the Magpies know all about it  >:(

I know it is just nature, but I don't have to like what they do.....

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