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Title: Cigarettes
Post by: mrs bouquet on June 11, 2021, 12:05
I am a non-smoker, so can you put me right.  I read in the paper today that 20 ciggies cost around 12.00.
Is that correct or is it a mis-print.    Mrs Bouquet
Title: Re: Cigarettes
Post by: Plot 1 Problems on June 11, 2021, 13:02
Sounds about right, when I quit smoking 20 years ago they were around 5 by then.
Title: Re: Cigarettes
Post by: Lardman on June 11, 2021, 14:18
How much  :ohmy:

It's been a good few years since I bought a box of JPS, but 12 a pack is shocking. I saw a bit in the paper about them making the age requirement 21 but at that price how kids afford to buy them I have no idea.
Title: Re: Cigarettes
Post by: Subversive_plot on June 11, 2021, 14:37
I've never understood the lure of tobacco. The thought process of the tobacco industry must be something like:

- we have a product that you must set on fire, chew or spit to get anything out of it. The first of those uses can cause house fires.

- Any of the above uses is guaranteed to be offensive to some people. The number of people offended is growing every year, so much that if you need to use our product during work hours, you may need to stand outside in sleet or rain next to the skips to do so.

- All of our products cause addiction and either cancer, heart disease, lung disease, gum disease, stained teeth or fingers, bad breath or odors on clothing, or a combination. So naturally, we are charging a fortune for them.

- Who's first in line to buy? Don't be shy!

- If we lose you as a customer, not to worry. Can we have a chat with your teens now?

(I lost a father to lung cancer, mom died of COPD-related infections, both were long term smokers.)
Title: Re: Cigarettes
Post by: Growster... on June 11, 2021, 20:44
Here's a confession...

When Mrs Growster was pregnant with Elder Daught, she just packed up, immediately! It was difficult for me, because I was still an addict, but my dad had smoked a pipe for as long as I knew him, but I wanted to help my lovely wife, and fags were out, so...

So I bought a Falcon pipe, and joined the pipesuckers of the world, and stayed like that until ten years later!

Like most people, I loved smoking, but just don't think about it now, so I'm sort of lucky, but better off..;0)
Title: Re: Cigarettes
Post by: New shoot on June 11, 2021, 21:26
12 is correct.  I was shopping for my neighbour during the lockdowns and she used to send me to get cigarettes for her.  I was a bit shocked at the price the first time I bought them for her. 
Title: Re: Cigarettes
Post by: Plot 1 Problems on June 11, 2021, 21:27
I still whip out the pipe on special occasions Growster.
Title: Re: Cigarettes
Post by: Growster... on June 12, 2021, 07:01
Apparently, smoking is on the increase in places like China! The tobacco companies are a shrewd bunch, but that surprises me...

P1P - I can actually understand that, but it would have to be Gold Block...

I really sealed the day I gave up by doing a ceremonial binning of the whole lot - and it really hurt...
Title: Re: Cigarettes
Post by: Kleftiwallah on June 12, 2021, 10:22
Listening to my Dad  'bump starting his lungs' on his first Woodbine of the day as he woke up turned me off ciggies for life.  I remember as a kid going to a house on Roman Road for his fags, I think the tenant used to go abroad with his work long before smuggling became fashionable!

Cheers,   Tony. 8)
Title: Re: Cigarettes
Post by: mrs bouquet on June 12, 2021, 10:41
If I smoked a pipe Gold Block it would have to be.  It is the only tobacco I like the smell of. :lol:
Do any of you smoke the odd cigar or cheroot. ?    Mrs B
Title: Re: Cigarettes
Post by: Growster... on June 12, 2021, 13:32
Gold Block was always more expensive that similar brands - maybe not as much as some of the fabulous Dutch brands, but my uncle, dad, and a bloke I worked with, always swore by the stuff!

Does anyone remember Freiburg and Treyer, just off Piccadilly? They sold a really fabulous own brand of Virginia tobacco and it was well worth the half-hour walk down Tottenham Court Road to get a couple of tins (after getting another mortgage that is)...