A very happy hen house now

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A very happy hen house now
« on: April 08, 2008, 13:55 »
The hens are so much happier now than they were when Colin was about.  They now come up and try to peck at our shoelaces or toes, they let us pick them up and are generally so much friendlier, not just to us but amongst themselves. It is very hard now to tell which are the ´new´5 and the  ´old´ 5 hens.
We are getting 7 eggs a day now and one day last week we got 8 :D  Just need to be able to give/sell the eggs now.   Colin is still crowing at the neighbours, not sure when he gets the chop :(   I often think of going to rescue him but I don´t want to upset the applecart- or in our case orange crate!!
Talking of oranges-  it is foul weather here, there must be at least 100 oranges on the ground this morning from the very high wind and rain.  At least I don´t need to water the garden for a few days.  It was the start of the Sevilla Feria last night, poor things- not good for them :(   At least our visitors were hare last week and not this week.


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A very happy hen house now
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2008, 14:30 »
Glad things have improved Pamela  :D
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