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Chatting on the Plot / Re: What we saw thirty-four years ago today...
« Last post by wighty on Yesterday at 16:32 »
I had a six week old baby and sat in the dark in the middle of the night for a feed listening but not able to see what was going on outside was frightening.  We lived in Aldershot at the time and only lost a few ridge tiles and a brick wall out in the garden.   The next morning when we got power back and could watch what had happened on the TV I remember my eldest daughter (then aged 2) becoming inconsolable because we had been on holiday that year to the Island and she mis-heard the news that Shanklin Pier had blown away and only heard it as the Island had blown away.  My parents lived in Fleet and lost power for about four days.  Emergency dash to get as much of the contents of their freezer in ours, or to cook everything else so it wasn't lost.   I'm sure now that after Michael Fish told us the rumour it was coming was untrue is why now we get so many weather warnings.
Bet you still have that jumper too!
Perfect gardening weather no rain here, the suns been out this afernoon  :)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea 2021?
« Last post by MrsPea on Yesterday at 15:23 »
Spaghette bolongnase with whole wheat pasta, no pud this weekend been busy in garden  :D
Grow Your Own / Re: Garlic granules and manure for white rot?
« Last post by rowlandwells on Yesterday at 14:31 »
as we are on the subject of Garlic granules for some time now I have been experimenting with garlic spray for brassicas i know i have mentioned this topic on this site several times but i have to admit I haven't had much success this season with garlic spraying but I'm not going to give up

it seems that the Garlic treatment for white does actually works ? so how to improve my garlic mix for spraying brassicas that is the question because I'm not quite sure if I have the rite mix because I'm using garlic powder not granules and the powder is probably not a strong enough mix I also added some chilli powder sugar and a squirt of washing up liquid and although I thoroughly sprayed the crop with a normal pressure sprayer it maybe didn't cover the underneath of the plants as it should have  ?  the spray had no effect on the plant growth

so its back to the drawing board interesting to note with your process using garlic granules for white onion rot I gather you need to spray or other methods directly on the ground or soil perhaps I also need to spray the ground with my garlic mix when spray the brassicas ?

as i said I  have been using garlic powder in the mix maybe i need to go with garlic granules instead  I'm trying to get more towards organic instead of chemical spray and your comments on this topic very welcome
Chatting on the Plot / Choosing colour for emulsion paint.
« Last post by Goosegirl on Yesterday at 14:16 »
We had to have our chimney breast wall re-done as the old salts had leached out into the cement/plaster and caused a bit of damp on the wallpaper. Cue choosing the right wallpaper which we did. As our home was previously papered with anaglypta and painted magnolia we wanted to put our own mark on the colour scheme so we looked and got some tester pots. Is it me or does the person who gives the paint names a bit colour blind?? We wanted a light but slightly sunny green and all we got were various light greens but all had a greyish tinge. We then wondered about a pale stone colour instead but with a bit of warmth so I got two more tester pots called Just Walnut and Nutmeg White as the colours on the attached labels looked a good bet. Mmm. Just Walnut is a quite fetching shade of lavender and Nutmeg White is a lighter version of it. Anyone else find this especially this year's selection which all seem to have various slight tinges of grey.
General Gardening / MOVED: blackberries
« Last post by JayG on Yesterday at 14:09 »
And I did the cooking for a few days, on a small BBQ raised up on some bricks!

It was actually quite cosy in there during the evening, as it was warm, we had a few bottles of home-made red, and a neighbour (in the house on the left, out of pic), lent us power via a long cable, so at least we kept the freezer alive!
A once in 200 year storm for the uk according to the Met Offce
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What we saw thirty-four years ago today...
« Last post by Aunty on Yesterday at 11:52 »
Just wind.

Winds gusting up to 100mph and 15 million trees blown down. 
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