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Grow Your Own / Re: Strawberry container size
« Last post by Joe Hicks on Yesterday at 20:49 »
Thanks very much for the info lettice, that's interesting to hear. If you're still getting strawberries at this time of year do you know what variety they are? I'm keen to extend my season, which ended maybe mid-August this year.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Spiders this year
« Last post by JayG on Yesterday at 20:32 »
Do they come up the plug hole?

In theory, your bath outlet should have some sort of water trap which would prevent that, but that's not always the case.
I'm surrounded by arachnophobics here - 5 year old girl next door is happy
to pick up slugs, snails and ladybirds, but screams if she sees a spider, as does her mum and dad (perhaps not quite as loudly!)  ::)  :(
Grow Your Own / Re: ripening melons, dead vines!
« Last post by jambop on Yesterday at 20:31 »

I do not think melons ripen after cutting from the plant.
Chatting on the Plot / Composting
« Last post by pepsi100 on Yesterday at 19:50 »
Now I dont know if this is in the right place, but I'll ask anyway

I put all my grass cuttings in a black bin, it has a sliding front panel to remove any compost that has been made

But it doesnt seem to be doing very much this year

Anything green goes in there, grass cutting, weeds, dead flowers, the contents from hanging baskets (flowers, plants and soil) I have added cabbage leaves carrot top, potato peelings, nothing cooked though

I have thought about adding shredded paper, (would they be okay ?)

Then I add a couple hand fulls of garotta, then a spray of water to dampen it down

I dont know if I am doing it right or just adding stuff to get rid of it, but its not warming up, it does have a lid on the bin, just to stop vermin and birds

How long do I have to leave it before I can use it (I will be spreading it over the soil and rotoring it into the garden
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's the weather like where you are? - 2021
« Last post by John on Yesterday at 19:41 »
Better than expected today, cloudy but some sunny spells and warm. Dark already, the nights are really drawing in now.
Grow Your Own / Blueberries
« Last post by pepsi100 on Yesterday at 19:31 »
I have just got hold of three blueberry plants
I want to goive them the best start in life for their first year
So they will be inside in pots over the winter
I have potted them in John Innes no3 ferilizer
I have heard that I can add coffee grounds to the soil to  make it more acid
Now I dont know how true this is, but I have been adding it to my blueberries outside, okay they are only 2 years old, but seem to be doing okay
They get watered by the hose when the wife waters the grass and plants (I am trying to get her to use rainwater on the new blueberries in doors)
Well any advice for helping my new blueberry plants make it through their first year would be appreciated
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Livestock subsidies
« Last post by grinling on Yesterday at 17:31 »
chicken poo is trucked off to the methane burners, used to be Scotland, now England has them.
The Hen House / Re: Worried I don't have all the necessities!
« Last post by grinling on Yesterday at 17:29 »
can you put pics up  of your run set up, or describe it well.
put a chair in the run and sit with them, scatter some mixed corn, if you have it, and sit and watch what they do.
what breed did you get and how old.
try to get some grit and oyster shell, pets shops sell it, I always used chick size. I had mine in a flowerpot with a tent hook through the bottom, when converted to concrete I had little hanging pots.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Livestock subsidies
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 14:55 »
I got this on mine ..
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