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Title: Iseki AC-2 rotovator
Post by: AlastairR on July 16, 2021, 09:41
I've inherited an Iseki AC-2 two-stroke rotovator, probably made in the 1970s using a Kawaski engine which I have finally got to fire up. But does anyone have or know of a service manual as opposed to an owners operating manual ? The only manuals I can find are in French (Iseki is big in France but never here much)which Google Translate makes a complete mess of usually and anyway cost E49 ! I suspect the governor needs resetting as it screams away unchecked at terrifying high revs. Any thoughts on manuals or governor resetting gratefully received -- before I make a complete mess of it. And anyone with a spare AC-2 they want rid off do let me know ! I think the engine/carb  is the same as the AC-1. Pic is off the web
Title: Re: Iseki AC-2 rotovator
Post by: jezza on July 16, 2021, 16:46
Hello I've not seen that rotavator before but i think you might find a look on Meetens site might help ,dont know if L&S  Engineering (machinery  spares) have any parts diagrams you could try them   jezza