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Title: Hatching brine shrimp for aquarium fish in a propagator
Post by: New shoot on March 15, 2021, 12:05
I saw this on YouTube and got interested as I have brine shrimp eggs to feed to fish (Lampeye killifish and a Betta)

These ones :

I have the heated propagator on anyway for tomatoes, so put a tub of salt water in there and some eggs.  24 hours - just a few, but 36 hours and they are hatching like mad. 

Just thought I would mention it as it is way cheaper than buying them and you can just hatch a few, instead of buying a big bag of them.  My propagator has a grow light over it, but I am sure it would work without it if the propagator was in a lighter area than mine is.

The video is worth a watch just to see this person's lovely home with houseplants everywhere  :) (