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Welcome to the Forums / New here ! Advise for a new plot !!!
« Last post by colls10 on Today at 09:59 »
Hi everyone . New here . Been out of work for couple years due to caring for now passed parents . Have managed to get an allotment to help with getting my mind better !! Always loved flowers plants gardening etc, but wanted to go to next stage !! An allotment . So myself and wife finally got one . It was overgrown with a yellowish grass, which we have had strimmer down to about ankle height :
Whatís a good way to proceed ! We have kind of marked up a few beds , but think they are too big , 3mx4m, and around 5 of them ????  I donít want to use weee killers, and the no dig as easier or less work it seems, really canít afford to keep buying organic matter etc ?
So, if myself and wife started on one bed , can we did this over , so the short grass is turned over , exposing soil with the grass underneath ?? If so , would this then need to be left ? Before adding any manure / compost etc ??
Have ordered a few rolls of the weed proventer : cover and pegs , and looking to cover the areas we not yet working on with this .
Would you then cover the turned over bed with this aswell and plant through or wait ?
Sorry , sooo many questions .
We have a Delapatated shed, no water butt or guttering to collect water yet , itís just a fair block of land with ankle high yellow grass with 4 black current bushes and a raspberry bush ( suggestion to us was to remove these bushes as the birds will eat all the blackcurrants and the raspberry tree bush has got away with itself !!!

Can grass and soil be added to a compost heap if one made ?

Excited but a bit overwhelmed
Grow Your Own / Re: Bad weather
« Last post by Grubbypaws on Today at 08:53 »
Has anyone got the problem on their Allotment? Is things growing very slowly because of the weather.
Did my first guddle in my swift potato bag and they are miniscule  :(
Grow Your Own / Re: Butternut squash have mildew
« Last post by Hampshire Hog on Today at 08:51 »
Afraid itís the weather!
Fingers crossed some sunshine will stop it.
Perhaps remove affected leaves??
Good luck
Complete cloud cover, 15C, very still, with a 'calm before the storm' vibe, although no rain or strong wind in the forecast  :unsure:
10C overnight in the g/house.
Grow Your Own / Re: Pinching out tips of broad beans?
« Last post by Grubbypaws on Today at 08:32 »
Might as well. Once the leafy bush forms a the tip no more flowers form.

So I pinched them out and my OH stir fried them for dinner. Delicious  :D
Grow Your Own / Re: Bad weather
« Last post by AndyRVTR on Today at 07:34 »
The weather is due to turn a corner from today, higher, drier days ahead folks!!  :D
Grow Your Own / Re: Bad weather
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 23:05 »
Has anyone got the problem on their Allotment? Is things growing very slowly because of the weather.

Yes, squash and pumpkins have hardly moved since i planted them in the ground weeks ago
Same here  :(
General Gardening / Re: Lavender
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 23:04 »
Probably weather related, a lot of things seem to be flowering later than normal this year.
General Gardening / Lavender
« Last post by mdjlucan on Yesterday at 21:42 »
My lavender Vera the lavender bush is all green but no flower spikes yet anyone know why the problem is?
Grow Your Own / Re: Late planting of potatoes?
« Last post by Yorkie on Yesterday at 20:01 »
If you dug a charlotte potato up growing now and planted that would that work?

Doubt it - now it's under way with its growth, it will keep going.

Although Charlottes will stay in the ground for months, if that's what you want. Big, but generally not too sluggy (in usual years  ::) )
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