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Avatars are small pictures that display beside each post.  Each user may choose his/her own avatar.  To put an avatar up by your name you need to edit your Profile.  At the bottom of your profile page is the Avatar upload section.

You can either select from some pre-loaded avatars by pressing the 'select avatar from gallery: Show Gallery' button or by uploading your own avatar.  You can upload either from your own computer or a publicly available location on the web but please don't use an animated one.

Your avatar needs to be a maximum of 80 pixels by 80 pixels in size and the file no larger than 6144 bytes (6KB). To produce this you will need to be able to use some graphics software like Photoshop, Paint Shop etc. The online site: http://www.shrinkpictures.com/create-avatar/   is a very simple to use site for making avatars from your own pictures.  

Most cameras come with some image editing software.  Use JPG or GIF images since Windows BMP files are much larger and no animations please.

Browse to the location of the file on your computer, press 'Submit' and the image should appear on all your posts (including old ones).

If you can't do this please contact a Moderator for assistance.
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