lethargic yellow poo 5 mo hen

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lethargic yellow poo 5 mo hen
« on: February 25, 2024, 18:21 »
hi there,
my 5 month old hen looked very lethargic this morning when I opened the coop. The other hens (two 1.5 year olds, and two 5 month olds) came out per usual, but she stayed in. She normally is super energetic in the morning, jumping and flying (she's an ameraukanah). I quarantined her away from hens to make sure nothing travels across in case it's contagious.

symptoms: lethargic, yellow watery poop (not soapy and not blooming), not eating or drinking or moving much, poofed feathers, moves her head if i try to touch her eye. comb looks fine, eyes closed most of the time. Sitting most of the time (she's outside in a small enclosure and can't see other hens).

back story: we have two hens, and got three chicks to add to the flock, the integration process has been really rough. The two older hens, especially the one lower in the pecking order, have been bullying the new chicks constantly (chasing them away, not letting them come into the coop in the evening, pecking). We did all the things we could (introduce slowly via fence, separate hens between coop and free ranging etc). but seems like the bullying isn't stopping. I ended up isolating the big hen bully (who is not the top in pecking order) for a week in a bin indoors with some outdoors time once in a while, to disrupt their pecking order a bit. The three younger hens and the one big hen got along better. When we re-introduced the bully big hen back yesterday, she came back even more vicious. Everything went right back to before. She kept bullying the poor little chickens all evening until eventually everyone settled when it got dark. Everyone seemed healthy yesterday, but this morning, our 5 mo americuanah started to look sick (symptoms above).

I am really worried about her, not sure what to do, I've been searching the internet, and someone said this website was huge help. I hope someone here can direct me to the right place.


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Re: lethargic yellow poo 5 mo hen
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2024, 20:13 »
There is quite a bit stored on here that might help.

This is the useful information list which has info on chicken diseases:


Pictures here of poop so be warned, but might help you narrow down what is wrong:


Another here about digestive diseases:


If there has been bullying going on, it might be best to separate the bully hen out again just in case it is an injury making the younger hen act the way she is, rather than illness.

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